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Great recipes with seitan?

Posted by Ashlyn M.

My fiance and I have been pure tofu and veggie enthusiasts, but I keep seeing seitan in the natural foods aisle and desperately want to try it.  Any tips or recipes for using it?
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I absolutely love seitan! I usually throw it in a stir-fry with some teriyaki sauce, noodles and vegetables.

It's also great in BBQ sauce with baked sweet potato, or as burrito filling. Or as a Philly cheesesteak.

This would be great for St Patrick's Day!

Quite a while ago I wrote an article for Vegetarian Resource Group on Seitan. Here's the link It also includes a recipe for how to make it yourself.

I actually don't use seitan as much as I used to because I think that I might be sensitive to wheat and/or gluten.

Seitan, though, is a great protein source and it flavors up really well. I hope that you like my article.

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