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Gluten free bread?

Posted by susan m.

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Whole Foods has a Gluten Free Bakehouse and you can also try Harry's Farmers Market.
I believe, I have seem a gluten free bread at Trader Joe's as well.
what about ezekiel? someone suggested that.

Most of the store bought GF breads are about as good as eating a brick -- Food for Life's Brown Rice bread (pink packaging) is edible but only if it's heated in the oven (350º for 10 mins.). It still takes a little getting used to though.

There are some amazing bakeries scattered around the country that serve some very impressive GF alternatives for baguettes, bagels, loaf bread and even cupcakes.

Los Angeles

The Sensitive Baker

Portland, OR

New Cascadia Traditional

New York City

Everybody Eats

Another good reference for all things GF is the Celiac Handbook Website:

The three bakeries that I mentioned all do mail order (depending on where you live) and are well worth the higher price.

Good luck.

You may wish to try a gluten free breadmix- Kinnikinnikck's bread and bun mix and Gluten Free Pantry's sandwich bread mix are decent and can be found in many grocery stores and natural foods stores.

Have you tried Pamel's Products or Bob's Red Mill gluten free bread mix or Ener-G Foods Tapioca bread? <>  <></home.php?cat=109>

I have a bread recipe that's pretty easy and makes AMAZING bread  (  Also, the Pamela's bread mix is really easy and pretty darn good for a packaged product.
Making your own bread mixes saves time and money, and you can accomodate other food intolerances. My bread recipe is actually famous, voted the best tasting gf bread in a taste test of over 250 people.   

I agree with many of the posters above -- one of my faves is Kinnikinnick. 

 I've tried baking my own but it never comes out quite right, so I usually buy. My favorite so far is Sterk's (canadian company) but it's really hard to find.

I also like the food for life brand. 

TC Patient Expert

You have to try Sami's Bakery breads. The millet flax bread and the banana walnut millet flax I think you will find are probably the best wheat and gluten free breads anywhere. I have been living a somewhat gluten free diet for 20 + years and glad to see that the products have improved over the years.  As for muffins - try Namaste brand. They are awesome.                Live Smart Book -


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