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gifts that keep on giving

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am

It's ridiculous to be blogging about Christmas gifts 5 months after the fact, right? But I just had to take a moment to talk about 2 amazing gifts that I've been using ever since then.

First, this cutting board fromBridget. It's gorgeous, isn't it? What's even more wonderful is that it's handmade by her husband. I have always admired this kind of artistry and woodworking, and now I have a beautiful example of it in my kitchen.

I've decided to devote it to bread baking. So if you're ever at my house and I offer you a slice of homemade bread, you'll know where it came from!

Second, a gift from Bridget andTrac: homemade ravioli!

Daiku and I were so lucky to be on the receiving end of so many hours of their labor! We got several filling flavors, including tofu/spinach (pictured above), pumpkin, and sun-dried tomato. Since we got these ravioli the day before we left for L.A., we froze them, and so had a stockpile of delicious home-made food when we came back.

It was only last week that we finally finished them -vegan ravioli is a rare treat to be savored, after all! They were so flavorful that the best way to eat them was the simplest- here you see the ravioli with a few pieces of sausage, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, some chopped parsley, and generous amounts of sea salt and fresh pepper.


A belated thank you to you ladies!

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