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Gfreely Subscription Service Review!

Posted Apr 30 2013 6:00am
I've reviewed other subscription services on here before and, in general, think that they're a great gift. I know I'd never complain about getting a gift of healthy, yummy snacks that keep coming




It's a great gift, because there's a new gift every month. It's literally the gift that keeps giving!

I know my birthday is already a national holiday and all, but I still don't mind having a mini-birthday every month.

I'm a total martyr like that. You're welcome.

And gifts? The more the merrier! Teehee.

Anyway, there's a subscription service just for people who eat gluten-free, too! I have a few friends with Celiac's Disease, one of whom is really into healthy eating, and I'd seriously consider giving her a subscription as a birthday gift one of these years!

The service is called gfreely  and they pride themselves on finding and delivering the "best gluten free snacks & foods" every month. It's a great way to discover new favorites!

With services starting at $19/month, it's not a bad option as an extra special gift (like best friend, unless you're Daddy Warbucks) or as a gift to yourself. $19/mth isn't too hard to allocate in your grocery budget for tasty snacks and foods!

There's a nice assortment of treats, both for snackage and for proper meals.

It got a whole grain pizza kit (with pizza sauce mix and a whole grain, gluten-free crust mix - made of buckwheat, among others!) as well as both sweet and savory snacks.

I like sweet snacks the best and the Justin's All-Natural Dark Chocolate Peanut Candy bar was beyond delicious and a perfect study snack last night! There's also a mini Bumble Bar , which I've stashed in my bag for on-the-go snacking tomorrow, and Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks (they were goners within thirty minutes of opening the box).

The savory snacks were pretty great, too - I liked the Sheffa Zesty Snack Mix the best, but the Super Seedz mixes were both real treats and the PopCorners was a fun twist on popcorn and corn chips.

If you really love anything, you can buy it in a bigger size/package from their store online! That's super convenient and I think it would be great if some of the other subscription services would follow suit!

You can also find great on their website, so it's a great place to spend a little web time.

Have you tried gfreely?

Do you know anyone with Celiac's disease?

What's the last recipe you've tried out?
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