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Getting My Sweat On: Strength Training

Posted Feb 03 2010 7:10am

Not that I already haven’t this week just by living in South Florida…but this time I actually moved to produce “my own body glitter” as a good friend of my deemed sweat.

After the Miami Half Marathon this weekend I’ve developed a knot in my left quad again (I’ve had this injury for many many years and it flairs up quite a bit) and lo and behold the one injury I have been able to escape for the past 10+ years I have been running: IT Band Issues.  Eek!

Luckily Brit has an awesome foam roller she has been letting me use to get rid of all the kinks and tightness bombarding the entirety of my left leg (I think I just need a new one all together).  I’ve been using it since Sunday and was hoping today I might be able to get out and do a short run to get my blood flowing again…but after taking only about 10 steps the knot in my leg was screaming…so I just walked.  It’s better than nothing!  I ended up walking a total of 3.3 miles near my home, doing a bit of fartlik walking if you’d like to call it that to get my heart rate up!

I figured I’d use the time off of running to start getting in my strength training workouts that I promised myself I’d do at least 2x a week this year!

I was checking out blogs this morning and saw an Ab Workout that Bobbi posted last night!  I did three sets of all the moves, with a few more reps than what she did in the video.  I don’t know what to call half the moves, so I’ll just list the number of reps for each move and you can watch her workout to see what they were:

  • X5
  • X10
  • X10
  • X10
  • X10
  • X10
  • X10
  • 20 secs
  • 20 secs
  • 30 secs

I then moved on to workout my upper body with my 5 lb weights!  I did three sets of these:

  • 20 bicep curls (integrated with the next move)
  • 20 military presses
  • 10 tricep kickbacks
  • 15 chest press (integrated with the next move)
  • 15 extensions

And last but not least, I worked more of my lower body, specifically my quads and butt!  I did three sets of these:

  • 20 squats (w/ 5lb weights)
  • 20 side kicks (each leg)
  • 10 plie squats on toes
  • 10 kickbacks
  • 15 outer legs lifts lying down
  • 20 inner leg lift lying down

Whew!  I am definitely going to hurt tomorrow…and actually it was a bit hard to do today from the yoga I did last night with my roomie!

I was excited for this mornings breakfast as I tried my hand again at overnight oats to add to a yogurt mess:

  • 1/3C oats
  • 1/3C water
  • Cinnamon
  • 1/2C Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2C frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1T Natural PB


I think it didn’t work last time because I used too much water.  Much better this time! But I think I might add the banana smashed into the oats more like my breakfast cookies that I make…makes the oats taste sweeter w/o having to add a sweetener!

Ok, work time!  And remember, Ask Me Anything!  Come on ladies, I’ve only gotten a few questions so far!

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