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Fruity Friday

Posted Mar 29 2013 6:00am
I'm forgoing the Friday Foodie Finds this week in favor of a fruity Friday instead!

Today's review is of Fruit Bliss all natural, non-GMO, preservative-free fruit snacks.

I tried their Dried Apricots, Dried Figs, and Dried French d'Agen Plums (aka: fancy prunes).

They come in big packs for snacking at home, as well as smaller, individual-sized packs that are perfect for workday brown bags or school day lunchboxes.

Instead of adding sugars, Fruit Bliss  uses high quality fruits, partially rehydrated with a bit of water to achieve optimal juiciness, and lets their natural sugars shine. That makes it an "A+" snack for kids and adults alike!

They fruits really are sweet and juicy, as promised, and there are no hard or dry pieces at all in any of the packs - even the prunes!

Don't you just hate when you get hard prune? That used to be one of my snack time pet peeves as a kid.

Yes, I may have been the only seven-year-old snacking on prunes.

Seven going on seventy, I know - but I still love prunes! And my little sister (who just turned eight earlier this month) loves them, too. Give them a shot! In addition to keeping you regular with all their natural fruit fiber, prunes are just super delicious (especially paired with some nuts and dark chocolate - dooo itttt).

But my favorite of the three was probably the soft dried apricots.

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