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For me? You shouldn't have!

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:20pm
Becks at I am not a Rabbit tagged me to receive a blog award. Sweeeeeeeet!

The rules say that I have to give this blog to 10 (!) other bloggers and link to their blogs and state why they deserve this award. I also have to display the award on my site. Then, these people that I tag have to do the same. Let's see if I can give it to people that don't already own it. If you do, consider yourself doubly cool.

1. Tofu Mom takes a real-life approach to vegan cooking and her recipes and ideas are always outstanding! Hers was one of the first vegan cooking blogs that I discovered!

2. Skint Vegan has beautiful children and equally beautiful earrings!

3. Alaina at Plain Banana has the most delicious looking baked goods! She also had a rocking Halloween costume this year which I think is ingenious! (molly ringwald ala pretty in pink!)

4. Jessy at happyveganface leaves the most excited comments on everyone's blog and you can just hear her rambling on while reading her recipes. (I don't mean rambling in a bad way, I mean it in a happyexcitedveganface kinda way!)

5. Liz at food snobbery is my hobbery is super cool because she makes homemade granola, bread, and cans lots of cool stuff from her garden. I only wish I was skilled enough to handle all of that!

6. Josie from Vegalicious has the best looking oatmeal breakfasts! She also leaves us with an inspirational verse after every post!

7. Katie from The Summertree Cafe takes the best pictures and her cat is the most adorable thing everrrr!!!

8. Tofufreak is super cool because she is so young but bakes like a seasoned pro! All of her baked goods look ah-may-zing!

9. Veg-a-Nut has a super cute grandson and her meal ideas always seem easy but delicious!

10. Lindy Loo at "Yeah, that Vegan Sh*t" doesn't really need an explanation on why her blog is cool. It just is. She gives us frank talk on recipes she succeeds and sometimes fails at and that is why we lover her.

Ok, now I have to let these people know that I have given them an award. Wow, this was a lot of work!
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