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Foodbuzz, Let’s Get Started!

Posted Nov 05 2010 3:55pm

OMG what a start to my travels to Foodbuzz!!!  Lets just say the new rental car I picked up, with only two miles, has LITERALLY been broken in…


Um, I ripped off a 1/4 of bumper along with the windshield wiper reservoir when I hit some loose truck tire tread…so I hope the windshield doesn’t get too dirty.  Yeah right, I’m more worried about the payment for this mess! Gah! Totally ruined some other traveling plans I have!

Alas, we got in just before midnight and crashed just before 1am to a solid 6.5 hrs of sleep and reported my “incident”…freak’n A.

Whatever, nothing I can do about it, right?  Yes.  No need to stress over something you can’t change; that just tells you how much I’ve changed over the past few years…before I would have been crying my eyes out, but now.  I scream in rage a little then laughed my butt off.  Yes, that' be me.

So this morning we headed into downtown SF to meet up with Jenna and Anne for breakfast!  We originally were supposed to go to some mom and pop place but the line was way too long…and since it was already 1030 we were starving.  We headed down to Pier 39 to find a place to eat that was fast and cheap. Enter, BOUDIN

foodbuzz 003

foodbuzz 002


Bobbi and I knew we were going to do some sort of workout whether it yoga or running so we stuck to something light: Eggs and Toast.

foodbuzz 004

The multigrain toast was soooooo delish and the eggs had some great spices in it that made them fantastic!

Then it was time to check out the pier!!!

IMG_3476_thumb IMG_3477_thumb

Look at Alcatraz!

foodbuzz 006

Then it was time to check into the hotel!  We’re staying at The Galleria which omg look at the lobby! It’s gorgeous!


And our pretty room…that is going to have four very awesome girls stuffed in there!!!


I’m sure you can imagine, but I was super agitated and stressed out from the downtown driving…Ugg.  So since Bobbi missed her yoga session, we checked out the gym at our hotel.  They have a very small running track but it was just too small…so I actually ran on the DREADMILL!  That never happens, I can guarantee it to you.


I ended up doing 3.5 miles and then about 10 minutes of strength training.  I’m still sore from NMTZ so it was rather difficult.

Bobbi and I cleaned up and headed over to check in and get our awesome swag bag!

foodbuzz 008

foodbuzz 015

It’s a whole bag full of stuff!

foodbuzz 018

I mean, I got a fancy whisk, a knife, coupons, spices, rubs, samples, decorations, you name it!  And of course chocolate.  What bag every comes without chocolate!

foodbuzz 010

Bobbi and I were a little hungry after workout and such so we hit Jamba Juice on the way back to the hotel. I got a Strawberry Smoothie and had a Chocolate Chip Blueberry Bread when we got back to the hotel.

foodbuzz 009

Now we’re just blogging and I’m catching up with my girls Monica and Meghann !  Whoohoo! It’s gonna be a great night!

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