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Food Review Friday- Chia Bars, Suja Juice, & Kefir Fro-Yo

Posted Apr 19 2013 6:37am

I’ve got quite a collection of things to review today, all of them being slightly strange-sounding…

I tried everything from chia bars to frozen kefir this week. Some were good, some not so good. But that’s what these reviews are all about, right? So off we go!

Health Warrior Chia Bars !

I snagged this in the checkout line at Whole Foods (hello, impulse purchase) but they sold me with the talk of chocolate and peanut butter… First a quick note about chia seeds: If you haven’t tried them before, give them a shot! Chia seeds are super good for you, and provide lots of healthy fats! They can also serve as an egg replacer in some vegan baked goods. Anyways.

chia bar

This bar was on sale for $.90, so not too expensive. Taste-wise, it was similar to a Larabar, but a little less sweet. The texture was similar to a Larabar as well, but it was packed with Chia seeds. More than I expected, actually. It was also on the small side, but for 100 calories, it seemed reasonable.

Suja Juice

Disclaimer: I received some free coupons from the Suja juice company, so I was able to try this for free. That’s an important thing to note, because these are $8.99 EACH. Yes. $9 bucks for a bottle of juice…

suja juice

Did it taste good? Yes. It actually tasted pretty awesome. Not too sweet, and it didn’t take any “getting used to” as Kombucha does for some. But it was $9. So unless you’re really investing in your juice… I’d just make something at home. They do have some other flavors, and I do have more coupons, so I’ll be trying others, but probably not buying these on a regular basis.

Kefir Frozen Yogurt

Saving the best for last! I first tried a sample of this stuff at SXSW (even the plain was delicious) so when I saw it in the store, I went for the mango flavor.

lifeway frozen kefir

Holy YUM This stuff is good. Only 90 calories per serving, which meant that even though Alex and I polished off the whole pint, it was only 180 calories each. I definitely see this becoming a summer staple. It’s a little pricey, at $5 a point, but this stuff is loaded with probiotics and other things that allow me to tell myself that this treat is good for me ;) Really though, this is a great alternative if you have an ice cream craving, and it won’t leave you feeling like you just ate a “diet” treat.

If you have a product you’d like me to review, shoot me an e-mail at iheartveggiesblog (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll waste my money so you don’t have to ;) For more product reviews, click here !

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