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Posted by Shez B.

I am mainly a vegetarian, but I do sometimes eat fish. I find that if I don't, I will get a rash on my face and my skin is dry. The non fish oils don't seem to work as well as good old fish....
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Not only are the oils great for you, but fish is also an easy to digest, high quality protein. I say listen to your body and do what's best. Your body really does know.
I am eating more fish these days because I keep reading about how great fish is for your body. I get my fish from a butcher who only carries wild fish -- the good stuff. Mackerel is one good fish -- it's packed with nutrients like omega - 3 fatty acids, B6, vitamin D and selenium.
We're in the same boat! Mostly a vegetarian here too, but I've decided that fish will definitely stay on the list. If you crave fish, then yes, I agree with Lela's comment... listen to your body, because it knows best -- it's god nutrients that your body needs. I went completely vegetarian for 3 months and just about fell apart in terms of strength and mood. The way I see it, there is a reason why there are tons of fish in the sea, and why they're along the bottom of the food chain :)
Fish can help your skin in just a couple of days! Dr. Nicholas Perricone recommends that people eat salmon every day if they want to fix up their skin and sagginess. I know that last year, my husband went on a business trip and left me some cash. At the time, I had TERRIBLE roseacea! Plus, I had a big business trip coming up myself. I took myself out for white tuna and salmon sashimi for two days straight. My skin healed like a charm! I want to win the lottery so that every day is white tuna sashimi day. Fish has been an important food since Biblical times ...remember fish and loaves?
Yep, I'm in the same boat. Before I ate fish and I was a pure vegetarian, I found that I had a penchant for sluggish behavior. Now that I eat fish about three to four times a week, I have a lot more energy and I've found that my sometimes adult acne has improved considerably.
I recently became a vegetarian, but I also eat fish, about 2-3 times a week. I love wild salmon, so that's usually what I eat. I also take Omega 3 capsules twice a day. I've found that my skin is less dry and itchy, and I contribute that to the fish (plus drinking a lot of water).
How refreshing to be in a forum where fish eaters aren't persecuted! It's a rare thing.
this definitely happened to me. i was vegan for 3+ years and then i started having cravings for fish out of nowhere.

i've added it back in my diet along with local organic eggs.
i feel and look so much healthier.
I've been a vegetarian/mostly vegan for 22 years, I'm 34 now. I've never felt sluggish or malnourished because of my diet, actually it works wonders for my skin and metabolism. It's not necessary to eat fish or meat if you eat a healthy vegetarian diet full of beans/lentils/fruits/vegetables/nuts. People in India have been pure vegetarians for centuries and they have a very balanced diet. Also, if you do eat fish, please eat sustainable seafood, you can buy it here, it's more expensive, but if you can't eat sustainable seafood, it's better to avoid it completely. Most of the common seafood such as cod, tuna, snapper, rockfish, seabass, salmon are close to extinction due to overfishing. See more here: .
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