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Feats of Strength: Pistol Squat Results and Jump Squats

Posted Feb 19 2012 6:53pm

I still cannot do one unassisted on my left leg.


I fell on almost EVERY left leg attempt.

Halfway through the video, during “attempt #2,” I managed 2 consecutive unassisted right leg pistols.

But alas, that’s all I can do.



These were hard for you, too!  Not many of us got more than a few!

I heard from a few Feats of Strength regulars:

My fellow boot campers, Christina and Danielle , tried them!  Christina can get all the way down on the right, and Danielle can do one unassisted on her left leg!

Jane and her friends, who are doing these challenges together each week, fared pretty well!  Mary got 3 pistols, Liz got 3 pistols, and Jane did 7 assisted ones.

And apparently Jane is doing her Feats of Strength at work — that’s dedication!


I also had several fellow #Fitfluential members show their stuff this week!

First, Tenecia from Boobs, Barbells and Broccoli did her pistols. 4 legit pistols per leg!

And Lindsay from The Lean Green Been sent over this video:

3 on one leg!

Maybe I should’ve done mine in my socks instead of the Minimus!


Christine from Oatmeal in My Bowl made this adorable version:

Thanks, Christine!


And Hank from The Business of Losing Weight  tried his, too:

CONFESSION:  I had to go google the “honey badger don’t care” thing.  I didn’t know!


SOOOOO… if pistols are so difficult, why did I chose them?

Because, to quote Danielle’s fitness (and life) maxims , if “you aren’t failing at some point, you aren’t working toward any goal.”



Tough stuff over.  For now.

This week:

Easy challenge?  We’ll see.

Here’s what a jump squat looks like, courtesy of Sports Fitness Advisor :

  • Lower yourself to a formal squat position.  Keep your back upright and straight.
  • As soon as you get your upper legs parallel to the ground, jump straight up into the air.
  • When you land the jump, sink right back down into a squat again.  Don’t pause between the jump and the next squat!  Even though my little animation guy pauses ;)
  • Get as low in that squat as you can — half squats don’t count!
  • Do as many jump squats as you can in one minute!  Then send me your total reps!  Or videos!  Or both!
  • Email results to by next Sunday, February 26th, at 6 PM!

I have been trying to put more circuits and body weight plyo into my cardio over the last few weeks, so this gives me a great reason to do some jump squats instead of getting on the stepper!


And let me leave you with this awesomeness, courtesy of Christina:


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