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Feats of Strength: Diamond Results and Rope Jumping

Posted Jan 29 2012 5:55pm

Last week, my 5-minute plank was bested by Lindsay from Lindsay’s List , who beat me with a solid 6-minute plank.

This week, because she couldn’t send me a video last week, she sent me this plank — 6:20!

Normally, her effort would have inspired me to make another plank attempt.  I am usually driven by competition, and my 5-minute plank wasn’t so awful that I couldn’t have held that sucker longer.

But no.  I’m too beat this week for another plank.

Besides, I had diamond push ups to do!


Hard as hell.

As I mentioned in the rules last week, I allowed modifications this week, such as hands further apart than a strict diamond, feet further apart, etc.  In addition, even with proper form, not everyone can get his or her chest to the ground for these.

Like me.  I went for no modifications — feet close together, hands in proper diamond, etc.

But my chest ain’t nowhere near the ground on these.

I did, however, attempt these 4 times — once at the gym and 3 times at home.  I couldn’t get more than 20 reps in any attempt!

This was my final attempt:




Some of the girls from boot camp, plus one of their friends, are challenging one another to weekly contests for each Feat of Strength!  I love this idea! This week, they did modified diamond push ups:

Nice, ladies!

Lindsay from Lindsay’s List did this one, too!  She did 17 diamonds!  Lindsay is a fellow Fitfluential blogger, and she does a great Tuesday Trainer series — check her out!

Bonnie from Bonnie Lang Fitness , another Fitfluential blogger AND a first time Feats of Strength participant, did hers, too — 31 of them!


Danielle from Bubba Love racked up 20 diamond push ups!

Juliet from Hey Joob did 8 diamond push ups!

Christina from boot camp did them after her run today — 10 diamonds!

And Judy from boot camp — who has been all over these challenges lately — did 42 diamond push ups!

That’s FORTY-TWO.  42.  F-O-R-T-Y-F-R-I-G-G-I-N-T-W-O!!

[Just you wait -- come back in 2 weeks when Judy will be featured as one of my WNY Weekly  profiles!]



I am admittedly being selfish in choosing this week’s challenge.  I bought a new jump rope for boot camp class, and I need to practice.

This week’s challenge:  jump rope for as long as you can without tripping up.

Image from

  • Use any jumping method you can sustain for a long period.  Maybe you can do double unders?  I can’t!  I am personally partial to alternating feet.   Here are some ideas!
  • Time yourself.
  • As soon as you trip yourself up, you’re done.  
  • Submit your times to me by Sunday afternoon, February 5th!


And if you haven’t been to the Following Fit facebook page , please head over and click like!


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