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Fashion (and food) Inspiration: DIsney Fairies' Vilda

Posted Oct 04 2012 6:00am
This week's fashion inspiration is Disney Fairies' Vilda, the quintessential (fairy) bad girl. But I'm doing something different with the inspiration this time.

For this post, I'm going for a look that I think Vilda would wear, if she were a person, based off of her vibe. I'm not really going for similar color schemes or fits or anything.

As always, no individual piece is over $50.

VIlda-Inspired Fashion

VIlda-Inspired Fashion by livelearneat featuring bandeau tops

$44 -

$47 -

$33 -

$17 -

I think her drink of choice would probably be kefir - tasty, delicious, nutritious (you need to eat well to fuel all that flitting around fairyland!) and pale purplish, at least if you go for Lifeway Kefir Pomegranate!

Full of probiotics to keep your tummy happy, this sweet, creamy, flavorful dairy drink is a far cry from the sour, watery kefir of my childhood trips to Germany.

If someone had given me this to drink, there wouldn't have had to be any bartering to get me to drink something that's good for me!

Pomegranate is so yummy and this pomegranate kefir tastes like a grown-up version of my childhood lunchbox favorite (Danimals drinkable yogurt, in case you were wondering).

Lifeway Kefir also makes a bunch of different kefir flavors, frozen kefir (like frozen yogurt?), ProBugs (kefir in fun pouches that are perfect for kid's lunch boxes), and Greek style kefir - I need to try that!

Oh, here's the blueberry (it's super fruity and tasty, but not as pretty as the pomegranate one)
But for now, I'll enjoy my glass of Pomegranate kefir and pretend I'm Vilda.

Kidding! Kind of.

Which fairy is your favorite Disney fairy?

What's the difference between fairies and pixies?

Have you tried kefir?
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