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Eat quality eggs!

Posted by Tamar F.

What’s the difference in quality between eggs, anyway? According to the USDA,

AA eggs have an egg content that covers a small area when cracked open; the white is firm, with much thick white surrounding the yolk with a small amount of thin white; the yolk is round and upstanding.

A eggs cover a moderate area; the white is reasonably firm, has considerable thick white and medium amount of thin white; the yolk is round and upstanding.

B eggs cover a very wide area; the white is weak and watery, have no thick white, with a large amount of thin white that is thinly spread; the yolk is enlarged and flattened.

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It's important to eat quality eggs to because of the hormones they add to the chickens in cheaper eggs. Also, there are terrible conditions for the chickens for mass produced eggs. I know, I know, you're like - it's a chicken and they're just laying eggs. But imagine if someone was forcing you to get repeatedly pregnant, the moment after you had a baby. Man.
That was nice information. Thanks for sharing that. About the chicken and the eggs, well, theoretically it seems right. But Ithink if we waited for a chicken to lay eggs the natural way, it would probably increase the prices a lot because the supply wouldnot match up to the demand.
Thanks for the egg quality breakdown. I never knew the difference or thought about looking into it. Regarding C.L. R.'s comment, I purchase organic free-range chicken eggs. I don't find the price to be too much higher and I like the idea of chickens being outside. I just did a little research and found a lot of stories stating that free-range chicken eggs are not all they are cracked up to be. According to the United Poultry Concerns, Inc. (not sure how legit they are), along with many other sites say that in order to win the title of free-rang is for the farm to allow day access outside, BUT there are (supposedly) no regulations to outdoor size, quality, etc. It's worth digging a little deeper into the situation.
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