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Eat, Eat, Eats!

Posted Jul 10 2011 1:51am

Thank goodness for a relaxing weekend!  I was able to stay up late Friday night (for once!) and sleep in Saturday…yep, 6am was a great wakeup time!  Anyhow, I had plans for a long run today and got up with the swak of a cat paw to my face, a 1/2 a sandwich thin with pb and an apple.

The run was not ideal, but I think I’m just trying to get back into the groove from all the work and well, my funk.  I was good for about the first three miles but then my legs felt like the heaviest lead on the planet.  Alas, I finished the 7.06 mile run in 1:05 and was glad to be done!

Clean and done drinking lots of water, I made a protein smoothie with cheerios mixed in, and a sticker I got at the SD Expo in the window.  Yep, I run with it. Smile

pics 007

I lefts to pick up my produce box and bam more green beans and potatoes!  I’m pretty tired of them…though am excited about those squashes and mini eggplant!

pics 009

I actually ate a nectarine before I left with my roomie into the major city down the mountain.  We didn’t realize how late it was and went straight to TJ’s to get some lunch!  I got my favorite spinach salad along with some sesame pita chips for a little crunch.

bjj 006

We went and saw Bad Teacher to get out of the stink’n heat of the valley (over 100*) and finished up with a visit to my favorite fro yo place who just by chance, was serving a fro-yo style sorbet!!!  That means I actually got to have some!  I don’t know if I’ve made this clear, but I’ve eliminated all dairy from my diet, including things like caisin that might be found in some vegetarian cheeses.  Alas, I got to try three different flavors: watermelon, raspberry pomegranate and orange! 


Sooooooo good!!!  We hit up Target, that took everything from me that I own, along with TJ’s for groceries and then home.  I wasn’t actually feeling good all day because I had a nasty headache that lingered after the run.  I drank a significant amount of water after the run but the damage had already been done…lets put it this way, it’s 10pm and I still have a headache, enough that my eyes hurt pretty badly, like a sinus infection.

I snacked on another handful of those pita chips on the ride home and then tried to relax.  The headache got worse throughout the evening and I thought I might have been hungry (my stomach wasn’t growling though, too confusing) so since I didn’t feel like much and was hot, I had another smoothie. It was like this morning, except I didn’t use protein powder and instead a glob of pb.  Just what I needed…

pics 010

I snacked on some watermelon while cutting it up along with a 1/2 a pack of dried mango.  I wasn’t really hungry but thought the food might help my head…to no avail.  Hopefully sleep will do it some good tonight…if I ever get to bed.

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