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Easy Homemade Guacamole!

Posted Mar 13 2012 3:51pm

Looking for a quick and healthy dish to entertain your friends and family with? Try this super easy, super tasty recipe that I recently came up with on a whim after I was eyeing the avocados in the grocery store!


Pictured above are the ingredients you’ll need. With the exception of the guacamole mix you should be able to find them all very easily in your local grocery store. Pick a salsa you like and if there is no available guacamole mix I found this one to be very similar to a taco seasoning mix so you could try that.
This recipe yields enough guacamole for about 3 people.
Pick an avocado that is soft, the softer the better (provided its not rotten or moldy)


Slice your avocado using a sharp knife. There is a pit in the middle so slice around the pit.


Remove the pit and toss it in the wastebasket. Grab a spoon and spoon out your avocado into a bowl like shown.



Next you want to pretty much mash up the avocado like you would a potato.


Once you’ve mashed your avocado, gently fold in your other items.

Now you can enjoy! Simple, quick, easy and can be adapted to how you like it! Next time I’m going to try putting strawberries in mine per request of my Dad! For more healthy appetizer recipes check out the Eating Well site! They’ve got some great ideas for every occasion!


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