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Dothan City Fest 2011 & Eggs

Posted Apr 03 2011 3:18pm
      Friday night I decided I wasn't going to run the next morning (couldn't find a running buddy and wasn't feeling it by myself) and met our friends at R.J. Saxons to enjoy the musical talents of Holly and Brantley.  Instead of eating a carb-loaded dinner and going to bed early, we had sauteed brussel sprouts / red onions and headed downtown.....
 Chop off the bitter bs ends, pull off each individual leaf while repeating "Salvie loves me, he loves me not" (jokes!), slice a red onion, and sautee in extra virgin olive oil/ salt/pepper.
     While we were enjoying brews and music at Saxons, my sweet friend, Bonnaroo, volunteered to run the 5k with me early Saturday morning.  I was thrilled and immediately made Forrest guzzle his beer so I could take a trip to Sleepytown.  Bonnaroo and I met at the Dothan Civic Center at 7:30 am....
Check out that early morning hotness and our furry cheerleader.      The race started and neither one of us were feeling it.  We walked most of the 5k (with a few running spurts) and enjoyed our early morning stroll through Dothan and lots of laughs (basically about ourselves and what the heck we were doing).  We made it to the finish line in under 47 minutes (haha) and tied for last place - super!  We met back up with Forrest and Sal to watch Holly's daughter, Ella, run in the 1K Fun Run - she's super fast and finished in the top 10!  Congrats Ella!!!!!     Breakfast was a must as soon as we got home..... Scrambled Egg Beaters with tri-colored bell peppers, red onion, spinach, Morning Star (fake) Sausage, Hank Williams Hot Sauce, coffee, and a bloody mary - and yes, I licked this plate clean.     After breakfast, we got Salvie harnessed up and headed back downtown to enjoy the weather and the Dothan City Fest.  We met up with Justin and Bonnaroo and made our way to Kristen's jewelry set-up ( Hues Jewelry ).  Sal finally met his Aunt K..... He loved Aunt K the most!      We walked around and checked out the street food, the bike race, and spent a few hours on the outdoor patio at The District listening to live music. Around 4:00 pm we made our way down to the Blue Moon gumbo cook-off and to quench our thirst at Bullets.  The street was blocked off with more food vendors and music at our finger tips - awesome.  It was the bestestest Saturday we've had in Dothan so far.... The party pup outside of Bullets - (thanks for the picture, Blanche!)     We decided to take Sal back home (exhausted and had not pinched one off all day long) and then headed back to Bullets for round two.  The night went on for a few more hours with friends, brewskis, and sadly, saying "see ya later" to P.A. - our friend who is moving to Denver, CO next month.  Good luck, P.A. - we want to visit you SOON!  Thank you for the cd and t-shirt - love it!....
Sunday afternoon Cimarron Sun Club fan club meeting on the back porch.  Also pictured is a Salzburger Stiegl beer - mighty tasty and reminds Forrest of his summer in Austria.      Forrest and I are still tired today (Sunday) but unfortunately, Salvie is not.  We are headed for a walk around the neighborhood and hopefully a nap will follow.
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