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Does Soy Milk Cause Man Boobs? Jeremy Piven Thinks So

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:01pm

Follow me on this one will ya. Actor and Entourage star Jeremy Piven is going around tinseltown (and other towns) making the claim that drinking soy milk gave him “man boobs”.

Yes! man boobs.

jeremy piven and his man boobs

What food will Jeremy Piven blame next for his ailments or body malfunctions? lol. I remember reading about a year ago that he had a bad case of the flu or something and that it was due to his consumption of mercury from shoving too much sushi down his throat.

I find this completely amusing. Not that he was sick, but that he seems to suffer from eating too much of specific foods and then blames the food – like its their fault. I like Jeremy and I LOVE him as Arty on Entourage, so this is not a “let’s all bash Piven type thing”. I find it comical and down right goofy.

Oh! and check this out.

Apparently a doctor, an actual MD is siding with Piven and also claiming that drinking soy milk will indeed give men a nice set of “man boobs”.


Because of the estrogen found in soy milk. Hmmnn. But wait don’t you have to be drinking like an insane amount of soy milk for any sort of estrogen ill effects.

And if it were as simple as drinking barrels full of soy milk, wouldn’t trannies or those who want to go gender-opposite drink it like there’s no tomorrow?

What Say You?

If you’re a man who drinks soy milk and NOW have your very own pair of man boobs (a/k/a moobs), please weigh-in and share your story.

Will ya?


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