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Do Some People Need Meat?

Posted by sheryl w.

Moral reasons aside, do you think that some people simply need meat in order to be healthy? Do you think that all of us have evolved to not eat meat?
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I do :-) . I have been trying to avoid having red meat as much as I can, but sometimes (and now it has been as rare as once in a month or two months), I just crave it very much - so I allow myself to have a nice lean steak. Miri says that red meat has lots of iron in it and some essential vitamins like some Vitamin B-12 (although she never eats it). But she does say that it's absolutely fine for me to have some red meat every now and then. NTL You can eat a lot of spinach to get the iron, and for B-12 you can eat some very low fat cottage cheese or just take the right supplements.
Probably. I think if we're craving a food, there must be something in it we are lacking. However, what we're craving isn't necesarily the best way to get that something, but it might just be what we're used to. I wonder if the other person who answered this question had been eating fish every day for a week, if he'd still crave the meat? I don't know, I just wonder. I say everything in moderation.
Chicken cravings. Sometimes I crave roast chicken. I don't know why. I do kow that I'll eat anything I can get my hands on if I don't get some.
I Need Red Meat. I don't need it every day, but I do need it at least once a week and I need it more frequently if I am doing strenuous activity. But this is partially due to my medical condition (chronic fatigue syndrome), which causes low blood volume. I've simply found that eating red meat keeps me healthier and more energized. I know a lot of vegetarians who look downright sickly - they are obviously not getting enough nutrients. A lot of hard-core vegetarians make up these statements that you don't "really" need meat if you just substitute [insert extremely complicated and impossible to follow diet here] but I don't buy that. Animals eat other animals. It's a part of nature. I would not tell my cat to become a vegetarian and I don't think I'm required to spiritually or morally. I do support treating animals better and prefer to buy free-range meats. But I don't think it is wrong for humans to eat other animals. We all survive off of other living things. Hey - don't plants have rights too?
Veggies (and carbs) for me please. Interesting question. I have never enjoyed the taste of meat, and I only eat small amounts of chicken on occasion. People adapt to what they chose to eat and like. I also think it has to do with what foods you were exposed to as a child because that's when your taste buds are growing and if you don't eat meat then, your body is not use to it.
At least go with Organic and Free Range. If you feel that you are in need of meat, try to go for organic and free range. At least the animals were happy when they were alive, and you aren't getting meat pumped full of hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics.
I don't think so. I was pretty much born and raised vegetarian, and while I had some problems with lagging energy as a child, that picked up when I started to get more protein in my diet. I'm not saying it's easy to be vegetarian or vegan--it can be challenging when you don't know anything about how to maintain a balanced diet--but it is definitely possible for everyone. I actually DO eat fish now, but that's more because my husband is the cook in the house and he does eat meat, and I've kind of developed a palate for it. But if I stray and eat red meat (which I seldom do), it kind of makes me feel full or a little bit sick, so I stay away from it in general. Mainly, I think people should do whatever works for them--if you have a craving, I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to answer it. However, there are ways we can get the same nutrients from plant foods that we might more easily find in meat. It's more challenging, of course, but I think it's kind of short-sighted to chalk it up to people "needing meat"--it's more about those nutrients that are more readily accessible in meat.
Boils down to a personal choice. End of the day, it really does not matter what we eat (veg or non-veg) as long as we are healthy. But I do feel that we should not get intimidated by the thought that it is diffiuclt to have a healthy, balnaced vegetarian diet. I feel that it is not right to expect sopmebody to become vegetaraian by quoting moral reasons, just as it is equally wrong saying that vegetarains cannot have a balanced diet. Ultyimately, it is a personal choice that absolutely needs to be respected.
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