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Disney Marathon Day!!!

Posted Jan 10 2010 1:47pm

Ok, just to set a few things correct, I didn’t run the marathon this morning (sadly).  I would have loved to, but with my job I sadly cannot plan my races that far ahead and this one, as much as I would have wanted to run, I couldn’t plan for since I didn’t know where I was going to be at this time or year, or doing what!

Anyhow, it ended up that I was going to be coming through the area when the girls were running their race, so what better to do then be a yelling/screaming/obnoxious spectator!!!

We started off by waking up at the insane hour of 3am.  When you’re a runner, you gotta be nuts enough to be willing to get up for those early for bus rides and transportation.


We set out to the lobby to catch the buses, grab some hot water and coffee, and brave the brisk 28 degree but feels like 20 degree weather (wind-chill!!!) and heading to the start line!


I had layers upon layers on including: runners tank, long sleeve runners top, hoodie, and a ski jacket.  That doesn’t include my running booty shorts and jeans, beanie, gloves, and socks with boots.  Yet I still had fingers, legs and toes that were frozen to the core, the entire 7 hours I was out there!  That’s some dedication (I can’t say I’ve ever been a spectator is more horrible weather!) if I can say so! 

Of course, I gave credit to the girls running because HELLO, they couldn’t wear as many layers as us:


The race started on time and I was on a mission to track Meghann throughout her entire race with Derek.  I was too numb to use my camera throughout the night, but Derek got some great shots in of her when we caught her at

Mile 1:


Mile 12.5:



1001100067 1001100069

These girls are phenomenal for running 26.2 miles in sub-freezing temperatures!  I really wish I had been running with them!

Congrats to Meghann, Kelly, Caitlin, Ashley, Megan, Michelle, Lori, and Monica!  It was wonderful trying to see you all and accomplish such a great feat!  I wish I could join the club!

The aftermath of finding the girls was madness but we found them, and boy were they cold!  They got to steal the boys jackets, since the foil blankets didn’t do them any good:




After we found our cars, we headed out to a nice restaurant called Bahama Breeze and settled on getting the girls some freak’n food!  Of course the care was nice and warm…so I fell asleep in the car, while text messaging my dad (hahahahhaa):


I settled on a simple meal of Black Bean Soup (didn’t eat the rice) and a Breeze salad that had pumpkin seeds, and a little bit of their Tropical Dressing.

1001100017 1001100018

My soup was really, really good and had great flavor.  I really enjoyed the dressing on the salad too!  It wasn’t too oily or strong on the citrus/tropical side, which I’m normally not very keen on.

But I loved the meals that Kelly and Meghann got: CHEESEBURGERS!  They deserved every delicious looking bite!




Now we’re back at Meghann’s place, Derek is passed out and Meghann and I are blogging and chill’n out (we slept during car rides this afternoon, Derek being the driver).

Again, I am so excited I got to see these women accomplish such a great goal and have inspired me to someday try it again after my failed attempt in 2007 in San Diego.  We’ll see…I still may be a bit of a scare-dy cat.

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