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Disney In My Veins!

Posted Jan 08 2010 8:39pm

It’s been a while since I’ve been to either Disney parks, well, at least the outside of them, so I was excited today when I got to go back!

Today started off early when I left Lindsey’s and headed over to UF to get my paperwork finished off, get a hearing test, and get a blood serum drawn for work.  Lets just say…it didn’t go smoothly, but I’m not going to dwell on it now since it’s done and over!

But the weekend started to get better when I finally got down to Orlando and met up with Meghann and Kelly at the Disney Marathon Expo!  We wandered around and the girls bought a few tops and things, then Meghann and I headed over to Portabello in Downtown Disney to meet Derek and Sabrina from RhodeyGirl Tests with her husband for dinner!


It would have been like a triple date, but sadly my opposing seat was empty:


Single and love’n it (ok, really? Whatever…boys have been sworn off for 2010…hah!)

Anyhow, I decided to order the Margarita Pizza and I asked for not a lot of cheese, but it still came out like this:


Um, where is my basil?  Thank goodness I asked for someone, otherwise my waiter would have totally forgotten.


I definitely enjoyed the company more than the restaurant and it’s food, as my pizza was pretty bleh…as I had to scrap basically all the cheese off…although when the bread basket did finally come out, that was pretty tasty sourdough

I was carb loading…in sympathy for all those who are running this weekend.  I’m just cheering.  Gotta fuel for that, right?!

1001080008 1001080009

This isn’t the last time I’ll see Sabrina either!  We’ve got a huge blogger meetup tomorrow for lunch!  Can’t wait to see her again!  Such a great and gorgeous woman!


Meghann mentioned a place before dinner where you can create and decide how to top some different kinds of sweets, so we went on a hunt in the way freak’n cold to find it.  Of course we stopped in Ghirardelli to see what sample was being displayed.


Then we found it!  Dubbed “Create Your Own Treat” you can choose between a bunch of treats, a base of three types of chocolate, a variety of toppings, then some chocolate drizzle.


I chose three pretzel rods, with a dark chocolate base, one with mini m&m’s, one with crushed Oreos, and one with peanuts, all drizzled in more dark chocolate


Here’s my Oreo one being covered…


And the peanut one just being set…


Look at these babies!  I wanted to eat them on the spot, but Meghann and I decided to wait until we got back to her place to try our treats.


But if you think mine might be intense, check out Meghann’s:


Can you tell what is actually underneath all of those toppings?  I dare you to guess!


The girl deserves every bite since she’s about to run 26.2 miles on Sunday!


And if you guessed a rice crispy treat on the inside you got it right.  Look how thick the outside layers are!!!  She ate an ear for dessert, and I had half of my peanut pretzel rod…and now, I’m totally pooped and ready for bed!  Whew!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up!  I don’t know how Meghann does it!  Maybe I’m just weak sauce!  Hehe!

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