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Dina’h Time

Posted Sep 08 2011 10:31pm

These days, my life seems to be learning from my mistakes…case in point: I’ve been running for over 15 years and I’m finally about to lose a toenail from my hiking boots that are too small, and too many years old.  I’m religious about replacing running shoes every 6 months but hiking boots that I beat up all the time?  haha.

The other thing I’ve been learning the past few weeks: a good dinner is essential for a the following day.  Lately with all the hiking I’ve been doing for work, I’ve been too exhausted to make or really eat anything other than smoothies or sandwiches for dinner.  I’m getting in a good amount of fruits, veggies and non-processed foods throughout the day, but having bread at almost every weekend can get old, and make my body weak.

All I needed was one meal to kick me back into action, and a good talk with my counselor about how eating a REAL MEAL will help me out in the long run, especially with all the exercise and other stress I’ve been under.

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So last night my roomie and I met up with a coworker at Thai place for dinner.  This was probably the first dinner I’d had in a long time! I ordered the first thing that caught my eye, mock chicken snow pea stir fry with rice.  My coworker got a black pepper cabbage and mushroom with mock chicken while my roomie got a meat dish.  I ate 2/3 of my dish with some steamed rice and was set for the night.  It was a great meal and I knew the leftovers would be great for tonight.

I did feel the huge amount of sodium that was in it last night, so tonight I tried to tone it down a bit by getting rid of the excess liquid, adding in steamed veggies and just a bit more rice to soak everything up.  It was a delicious meal to end a long day (8 miles of hiking hills in the heat!  Yikes!) along with some grapes and a few mini york peppermint patties.

Do you feel the difference when you don’t eat real meals?  What is your favorite meal when you’re in a pinch or tired?  I’m all ears and eyes!

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