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Diet Details (Part 4.5)

Posted May 25 2011 5:23pm

It’s about time. The diet is finally “working.”

(Watch. Now that I’ve said that, I’m going to plateau and have to eat my words. Or eat less peanut butter.)

Since March 15, I am down about 5.5 or 6 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you don’t have a ton to lose, that’s progress. In fact, the difference in how I am shaped is so significant that I have finally been able to wear some of the clothing that hasn’t fit me since October. My summer clothing from last year should also fit soon — well, except for maybe in one body area…

The butt.

Yep, I still have a butt. Glutes was an area where I put on a bunch of size during this gain, and I am happy that some of that size is sticking around during the lean out. My smaller sized pants and jeans fit again, but in many cases, the butt is still either too tight or just fits. Fortunately, skirts and dresses are more forgiving in that area, and I tend to live in skirts in the summer.

The other area in which I put on some size was shoulders, and they’re not getting a ton smaller, either. I have short sleeved sweaters and shirts that literally just fit in the shoulders — and they used to be slightly big in that area! It feels good to say that I am still literally busting out of the sleeves of these shirts!

So my butt is still bigger and my shoulders are still broader — where did that 5.5 or 6 pound loss come from?

My waist, for one.  This is both a consequence of dieting and seeming to get my stomach issues under control, but my waist is visibly smaller than it was 10 weeks ago.  Let’s hope that trend continues — I would love to have my back and shoulders look even wider because of a smaller waist.

Some of those pounds have also come from my legs.  I am starting to see things in my quads that I haven’t seen either since last summer or ever — and quads and glutes are an area where I tend to hold more fat.  Now that my upper body has leaned out a bit, the balance of what I have to lose is in my mid and lower body, so legs should be an area where I see more progress in the coming weeks.

I am finding all of this, however, difficult to capture in progress photos.  Part of it is that I need a tripod. David is a great photographer, but his best pictures are of animals, landscapes and inanimate objects. He doesn’t do well with humans, and he doesn’t really know what he’s taking a picture of when he does this for me.  When he takes a picture of my back, for example, I may tell him we’re trying to get my traps, lats, rear delts, etc., but all he hears is “back.”  And that’s not a flaw in him — just a fact.

So I need a better system.  Or I need to grow some extra arms.  Maybe during my next gain.


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