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Desperate times call for desperate dip

Posted by Lara I.

So, I looked in my cabinet and there was nothing appealing. I was craving hummus. I was in that point in the where I was long overdue for a grocery shopping trip, but felt unmotivated to go. So, what to eat? I experiemented, and worked! I had some canned goods. I pulled an old can of kidney beans off the shelf. I mashed the beans in a bowl. I tossed in some salt, some cumin, and some garlic powder. Tasting it, i added a little more here and there (adjust for your own tastes). It was surprisingly tasty. I dipped crackers and baby carrots in it. Talk about an improvised snack! I'll happily do it again, I liked it so much. Try it out!
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That sounds delicious! I have to say, I end up making the greatest recipes when I literally have no food in the house. It forces me to get in there and improvise like you did and boom! You discovered bean dip! Nice work. Had you had an avocado, this would have been a fantastic guac adventure as well - adding the cumin. Spices really make all the difference. If you had it - and you probably didn't - corn would have been another great item to throw in there. Something for next time!
Arthur Schwartz, former NYT food critic, has a book that tells you what to make "when there's nothing in the house". He would approve of this recipe! Really, it's a short cut hummus that you knocked out. Sometime, you might chick peas or other beans for some variety. Swirl with a little olive oil on top and add more spices as a garnish, restaurant-style.
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