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Dangit Trader Joes…

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

For making things that taste too good…and for being 8+hrs away from me!!!  More on that first part in a sec…

blog 009

Breakfast this morning was way before the freak’n crack of dawn…like 5am style.  Perks of field work.  Same cereals, but a full cup of kashi go lean and a banana added instaying power till 10.30!

blog 011

Snack during our survey was the orange and grapes …and an unpictured Arnold's thin w/ 1T pb …all shoved down in 2 seconds…I’m talented like that.

Lunch was on the move and consisted of the apple in the above picture and a Crunchy PB Clif Bar.  Oh how I love their return…because staying power from 1.30pm till 7.30pm!

blog 012

Way lazy for dinner so nuked some veggies and brown rice, with a veggie burger, and demolished it in 3 seconds…dangit, couldn’t beat my lunch record.

blog 013

And I might have a had a fivefew of these …freak’n trader joes.  Why do you have to make things sooooooooooo well and only offer them ONCE A YEAR!!!!????

Ok, I’m off to bed.  Today was hard work.  I’ve been so boring w/ the blog lately…well, except for the exception of Brad’s Review last night …Please excuse my boringness…I’ll catch up to more liveliness some day!

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