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Crazy Like a Fox & River Nile

Posted Feb 06 2011 2:57pm
     We are parental units!!!  Saturday was full of brand news - a new dog (whhhhaaa?!?!?!) and a new restaurant.  I've always liked small, ridiculously prissy, poofy dogs but never thought I would go as far as to bring one into our lives....for  the next 10+ years.  I woke up yesterday morning and started researching the pros and cons of small indoor dogs - ignored the cons and we headed to the dog store for my early Valentine's Day present.  It all happened so fast and the next thing I knew, we were driving home with our new baby dox (dog/fox).  We bought a Pomeranian (we think) and he's still name-less as of this morning.......
Bill Cosby's new cousin!
 Learning how to type...perhaps he'll be my first guest blogger.  Aunt Sister pretending to be in a show dog competition. The ultimate dingleberry trap.       Dog had a big day yesterday.....met his Aunt & Uncle Cosby, fell off the back porch, rode in a motorized vehicle, chewed on some grass, and loved on his grandparents (Momma J & Dr. Jack) and Uncle Daniel.  We adore this furry hedgehog and can't wait for him to be potty trained (cleaning up poo is disgusting).     On to Saturday's incredible lunch....we met Sister and David at River Nile (the new/old favorite in downtown) and it did not disappoint.  The inside had a cozy, quaint dining area with cool paintings, an intimate yet bustling atmosphere, and aromas of homemade goods. 151 N. Foster Street, Dothan, AL (334)  792 -  6465     Bonus - I love all things outdoors (including eating) and the River Nile patio is so exciting!!  While we were waiting on our appetizers, I kept looking out the window - daydreaming of warm weather and enjoying lunch on the porch with friends...... Perhaps even the dog/fox can join us.      I quickly snapped out of my summertime daze to a table full of ahhhhhhhmazing, vegetarian starters..... Nile Hummus - garbanzo beans, garlic, herbs/spices, sundried tomato pesto and served with warm pita bread. Sundried  Tomato Bread with rosemary -garlic dipping sauce...nuff said.     I have no words.  Sister didn't either - she literally licked the hummus bowl clean and then realized she was in public - it was THAT good!  The main courses...... Forrest and Sister did a face plant in their cup of Roasted Red Pepper soup. My Greek salad leafers....YUM!!! The Pharaoh - fresh homemade chick salad topped with avocado and sprouts - side of sweet tater fries.  Forrest was in love at first bite.
     We were too stuffed for dessert or coffee but our friend, Valarie, (who happened to be sitting at the next table) ordered a pipin' hot cup of caffeine - topped with a foamy heart design (I'm getting one next time no matter how stuffed I am).  I'm absolutely head-over-heels for River Nile and it's my new favorite lunch spot!  I highly recommend your next food devouring be at River can thank me later.  River Nile Menu & Info
     So, it's been a few hours since I started this blog post and we've had coffee, gone to church, and decided on a name for the dog.......(drum roll) - please give a warm welcome to Mr. Salvador Jackson (aka Sal / Salvie).  It's official - and we both love it - Forrest is a Salvador Dali fan (artist/painter) and the name is of Spanish origin (and well, I'm a huge Spain fan).  I leave you with one last puppy pic :)
Sal and his favorite blanket.    
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