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Clif Kid Z Bar Review

Posted Jan 24 2013 6:00am
Today I have a new bar review for you guys - a whole line of them!

Clif Kid Z Bars are vegan kid-sized snack bars that are great for kids or peckish adults! If you're not really hungry but want a little pop of energy, or if you're hungry but it's still thirty minutes until dinner (so you don't want to eat much and fill up, but you need something) these bars are the perfect size.

When I tried a Clif bar about a year and a half ago (waaaay back at the beginning of LLE) I wasn't a huge fan. I hadn't tried any since, so I was curious what I'd think of Clif Kid Z Bars.

First of all, these are not just many Clif bars. They are their own line of snack bars with different textures and a unique five flavors - flavors like Full Moon Brownie, Iced Oatmeal Cookie, and S'mores.

Since they are mini-bars for kids' snacking, it's appropriate that their nutritional stats line up with those of the major rival in this sort of bar (by which I mean Quaker Chewy). They have a nice 3g of fiber each, though, and 10g of whole grains - plus no HFCS, so that's a huge plus!

If you're packing a lunch box for your little one, you don't want to pack HFCS and other weird stuff. You want natural, whole foods.

Right off the bat I liked that the first ingredient in the bar is oats. The ingredients list isn't particularly short, but it is made up of such healthy organic ingredients as fig paste, honey, soy butter, and milled flaxseed.

The bars are also pretty consistent in terms of ingredients and nutritional stats, with just a little variation from flavor to flavor.

I really liked the texture of all of the Clif Kid Z bars! Even though only one (the Iced Oatmeal Cookie) calls itself a cookie spin-off, they all taste like cookies and have the texture of a cookie-fig newton hybrid.

Deliciously soft and perfectly sweet, they're so good that you kind of want it to be a full-sized bar! But because of the sweetness and flavor intensity, the small snack size is enough.

The chocolate brownie bar is super chocolatey, the S'mores bar does the camping treat justice (though the marshmallows are very finely chopped, if anything, and not whole marshmallow like in Halo bars) , the iced oatmeal cookie is simple and sweet and delightful, and the peanut butter has a nice, strong peanut buttery flavor that I (as a peanut butter lover) really enjoyed. I bet many of you will, too ;)

But the biggest surprise for me was the Honey Graham bar, which also happens to be the bar I had the lowest expectations for!

Honey Graham can often be a bit of a 'meh' flavor, just an excuse for a flavorless bar with no chocolate or mix-ins. But this bar is not that. It's not just the base of the other bars without the good stuff.

Nope, this has the delightful winter-y/fall-y flavors of honey graham crackers and the sweet icing stripes play off the tasty honey graham cookie-type bar to really make it taste and feel like a childhood sweet treat!

Yum. Yum. Yum, yum, yum!

Have you tried Clif Kid Z bars?

What's normally your least favorite bar flavor and what's normally your favorite?

What do you snack on when you're hungry shortly before dinner is ready?
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