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Cherries and Seitan..mmMMMMmmMM

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:20pm
I had a craving to make a pie for a while. Not necessarily a craving to eat pie, but definitely to make one. Thankfully, my husband is a waste disposal system for food so even if I ended up not eating any it would not go to waste. And it didn't.

The recipe for the filling and the crust is from Joy of Vegan Baking. The only real reason I covered the top in stars is because my top crust was not being cooperative so I did that to make it easier. It looks like something that should be at a Fourth of July picnic but it was fitting since it was Election Day and all. Perhaps I need to get some more experience points in pie baking before moving up to the next level of intricate crust design.

Keeping with the theme of cherries, we had pancakes on Saturday but we had no maple syrup. Have no fear, cherry syrup more than made up for it. It was just a can of cherries packed in water heated up with some sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice. Basically, it was the same thing as the pie filling. When it was thick and shiny it topped the pancakes beautifully! (And deliciously!)

Okay, let's get away from cherries for the moment. What we need now is some seitan! I have tried VeganDad's turkey seitan in the past and it was great but for this week I needed seitan that didn't use pricey tofu. So, I made his original veggie lunch meat recipe. I love that it uses white beans (cheap, cheap, cheap!) instead of tofu which is about 2.75 a box where I come from. I like to save my tofu for other things, not seitan. It is good, doesn't have a distinct flavor but that doesn't bother me any.

I made some other things I forgot to take pictures of like homemade bread, cookies, baked doughnuts....oh well.
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