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Celebrity Vegetarians!

Posted Mar 11 2012 2:25pm

Whether it’s for health reasons or for their love of animals, some of my own favorite celebrities have been tossing out their meat thermometers and joining the vegetarian movement! You might be surprised to find out who they are…

Olivia Wilde is a vegan who loves making weekly trips to the farmers market and credits her diet for her increased amount ofenergy. Her motives stem from a mix of health and ethical reasons.

Olivia Wilde

Bob Harper The Biggest Loser celebrity can thank his vegetarian diet for allowing him to drop his genetically high cholesterol by about 100 points! He also says his diet keeps his head clear and make him feel strong.

Kellie Pickler says that she began following a vegetarian diet after being bothered by animal curelty that some meat processing inflicts on their animals. She also says that she enjoys the health benefits that go along with ditching meat.

Carrie Underwood quit eating beef when she was 13 and has since become a full time vegetarian and an avid animal rights activist.

Kristen Bell

Alicia Silverstone found that her body changed for the better after becoming vegan. This clueless star says that she is both happier and more confident since making the switch and has even published a book filled with helpful tips and recipes for both vegans and vegetarians. She also keeps a blog  about her successes as a vegan.Kristin Bell found it hard to dissociate the pets she cuddled one the couch with and the ones she ate for dinner. She also says she never really cared for meat and truly enjoys eating a plant based diet.

Tobey Maguire used a vegetarian diet with tons of tofu to bulk up for his role in Spiderman and has been vegetarian since 1992! (Who woulda thunk?)

Natalie Portman has been following a vegetarian diet since the young age of 8!

Prince This rock icon refused to “eat anything with parents” and follows a very strict vegan diet.

For more info on vegetarians in the media check out the Veg News site!

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