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Candy Bars! A ChocoLite Review

Posted Jun 15 2012 6:00am

I haven't reviewed a new  protein bar  in a while, so I was thrilled when this arrived in the mail:

All the different flavors!
A box full of  Chocolite Protein Bars  and  healthier chocolate confections !

Since I'm a self-professed bar addict, I started on the bars first. Taste-wise, I could have just as well started with the chocolates!
The bars are chocolatey, decadent, and rich - they're pretty small for a protein bar and not that filling (but I have a huge appetite) but if you think of them as candy bars, they're the perfect size.
And, frankly, they are candy bars. Minus the sluggishness and sugar crash (score)
My sweet tooth was very happy, especially with the Cookies N Cream bar which is my uncontested favorite.
My favorite flavor :)
It's enrobed by the same velvety smooth chocolate as the other bars...
Looks like a chocolate bar, no? Tastes like one, too!
...but inside there's all kinds of unexpected awesome going on! Like crunchy oreo-type cookies, more sugar, and a mystery layer of caramel!
See all the layers? Texture and flavor party in my mouth!
I wouldn't have thought to add caramel to a cookies 'n cream bar, but it works. And boy does it work! There's a nice layer of what can't be anything but ooey, gooey caramel and is absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious.
Here's what's in it:

Some of my other near favorites included:

Triple chocolate fudge, which was a chocoholic's dream.

Just chocolate through and through y'all... also, none of these had any of that protein bar taste - they all tasted like straight-up chocolate bars.


Which was a surprise, since I'm usually not a huge smores fan...

But the emphasis in the bar was on the sweet, creamy chocolate and the crunchy graham cracker, so I wasn't overwhelmed by sickly sweet marshmallow flavor.

And what list of faves would be complete without mentioning the famed chocolate peanut butter combo?

I really enjoyed the chocolate turtle flavor, too:

but had one little gripe - when I think turtle, I think caramel.

 I didn't really taste much caramel in here. Was there any?

Either way, it was absolutely delicious - just not chocolate turtle.

If you want chocolate turtle, there's a confection that hits the flavor spot... and it just happens to be my favorite of the confections!

They taste just like 100 Grand Bars, but come in these cute little 2-in-a-pack squares.

Since words can't do this chocolate bar justice, I'll just add another picture:

NOW do you see what I mean?
Though the double chocolate crunch was pretty tasty, too!

It was verrrry chocolatey.

Real chocoholics only!

Luckily, that's me. I love finding new yummies!
What's your favorite type of chocolate?
What's your favorite candy bar?
What's your favorite thing to eat with oreos/cookies n cream flavored stuff?
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