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Can a vegetarian diet cause stomach aches while the body adjusts?

Posted by bassplayerbabe

I cut out meat about a month ago and I've had stomach aches for the last week.  I'm sure I'm getting enough protein, and I've been following an alkaline diet since January.  Is my body adjusting, or is it maybe not related to my diet?  My family is trying to convince me that this diet is not healthy, but I've read a lot of books, and I'm being very careful about what I eat.  Maybe I'm missing something?

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Make sure you are getting enough iron.  Also, vegetarians can have problems absorbing iron since the non-meat kind is not as easily taken in by the body. 

 I've been eating total cereal, which has both 100% iron and 100% vitamin C (helps iron absorption), and coupling it with soy milk for protein.  You can supplement this iron intake with a multivitamin, dried apricots and pumpkin seeds.  Beans are also a great source.  Did you know that spinach has the same amount of iron in 100 calories of it as red meat does in over 1,000?

Another thing I might suggest is taking in enough water.  Vegetarians tend to have increased fiber in their diets, which means they need a lot of water to process it.  

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that vegetarians aren't just takes some research to understand how our bodies can best operate on this kind of plan.

I give you props for doing the right thing!   

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