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Bite Into a Veggie Burger!

Posted by Nirmala N.

It's fine to indulge in a big, juicy burger on occasion--but for those of us watching our waistlines and looking to be more healthy, veggie burgers are the way to go. Varying in ingredients (from soy to black beans to brown rice to mushrooms to sunflower seeds), veggie burgers boast far fewer calories than their meat counterparts, and no saturated fat. Soy protein, which is in almost all veggie burgers, lowers blood cholesterol. Also, veggie burgers tend to pack in the veggies and fiber, which is always a good thing. When selecting the veggie burgers that are right for you in your frozen food aisle, be sure to compare fiber and sodium--three grams of fiber per patty and 200 to 500 milligrams of sodium are the ballpark ranges. Also remember that veggie burgers with soy are highest in protein. Some veggie burgers have a high fat content, but this is usually healthy unsaturated fat. However, packaged burgers tend to be diminutive, so you might need more than one to feel full.
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