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Posted Dec 13 2011 12:16pm



The Largest Bodybuilder in the World is a Vegetarian.

Dalip Singh, known as the Great Khali is 7 feet 3 inches tall. And 435 pounds of muscle mass. This is larger than any Omnivore, Carnivore, Paleo Diet, LowCarb, Atkins, Crossfit, or Steak-eating bodybuilder. A Vegetarian beat every other meat-eater. This vegetarian is bigger than Olympia Class bodybuilders, including 7-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates. Dorian Yates is friends with Dalip Singh, and stood next to him stating quote: "I felt like a small child next to him". The world's largest Vegetarian bodybuilder is bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger, bigger than Ronnie Coleman, bigger than Markus Ruhl, bigger than Lou Ferrigno, bigger than Jay Cutler, and everyone, this is the tallest most massive body builder on the face of the Earth. And he's a Vegetarian.

The reason is that plant-based muscle is of higher quality. Bodybuilders already know this, that's why if you go into any Body Building Nutrition store, virtually every protein supplement is vegetarian. Whey Protein (from milk) is vegetarian. Soy Protein and Soy Isolate protein is Vegan, and Egg Protein or albumin is ovo-vegetarian.

You do not find packets of chicken paste. You do not find jugs of fish tasting protein powder. You don't find chocolate protein bars with little bits of bacon and beef in it. Why? Because meat is horrible for bodybuilding. Bodybuilding stores do not sell liquid steak, hamburger flavored pills, or thick energy drinks containing coagulated animal blood. Why not, if meat is so tasty and is the greatest thing for protein in the world. Bodybuilders already know meat is a horrible source of protein. Championship level Bodybuiders AVOID red meat.

VIrtually ALL of the protein supplements for muslce building are whey protein, soy, or albumin egg protein, ALL Vegetarian. Not wieners and sausages for males to eat while working out at the gym.

Any person touting steak for protein or muscle is not medically educated on the subject of athletes and muscle building protein. Anyone attempting to erroneously say that plants dont contain any protein, or plant protein cant build muscle is not remembering that the steak they are touting came from a Bull who grew to that massive size of 2,000 pounds, one Ton of pure muscle, ALL from eating the protein in plants! If plants don't contain protein, then how did the steak get it, cow's don't eat meat!

A Bull eating plant protein is also MORE muscular, stronger, and more massive than an obese human male eating pieces of steak and hamburgers. So is a silverback GORILLA which has 1 stomach, is virtually genetically identical to humans, and has a muscle mass of over 500 pounds! A Gorilla could beat the living tar out of any human man in an equal battle and flap him around like a little rag-doll, and a Gorilla is vegan and has huge muscle mass.

Muscle from the protein in plants from a Vegetarian diet is stronger, more massive and higher quality muscle than that from meat. In addition meat is soaked with female hormones such as Estradiol, so men eating steak are juicing themselves with female hormones such as estrogen in Beef. The soy myth was found to be an internet hoax. Soy turns out not to have any estrogen at all. This was an internet myth put out by 2 individuals identified as Sally Fallon Morell and Mary G. Enig belonging to a Quack front group that was identified as the WAPF, The Weston Price Foundation, a fringe extremist group that was caught trying to harm Americans by spreading false nutritional and medical info. It turns out soy doesn't contain estrogen at all, none. Soy contains what's called PHYTOestrogen. "Phyto" means plant. You can't get female human or mammalian estrogen out of a plant. All they did was dupe lesser-educated people on bodybuilding websites into believing it because the names were similar and both of them had estrogen in it. It'd be like telling people the earth's atmosphere could be set on fire because it's made up of "gas" merely because that's the same word as the liquid you put in a car. It's the same kind of myth that people can sometimes tend to believe like believing you can catch a "cold" by being out in the cold. Colds are not caused simply by the cold, it's actually the Rhinovirus. But unlike smart men, boys will sometimes believe these wives tales like soy contains estrogen. The ironic thing is that it's MEAT that contains actual real estrogen. It's eating pieces of steak and meat makes you more feminine.

Didn't know this? Simply type "SYNOVEX-S CATTLE ESTRADIOL" into google and look what comes up. Synovex-S is the name of a kind of estrogen implant that steak and meat livestock farmers put into cattle. And it contains 17-beta-estradiol. That's mammalian animal form female estrogen! This is the real kind of effeminizing estrogen that can make a man grow more feminine, like over time beginning to sprout a pooch stomach, sloped feminine rounded shoulders, wide female hips, and a sunken flappy chest called Gynecomastia (known in slang as "man-boobs"). Notice it the next time you're at a Barbeque. Look at all the men. You'll find many of them have a bowed out stomach and are obese with droopy shoulders and moobs. This is the accumulation of eating steak and meat that has gained an effect. Each forkful of big juicy steak is soaked with female juice. That's female steroids. Don't believe it, put that search term in google or lookup "Hormones in Beef Samuel Epstein" check it for yourself. Sorry steak eaters, you've been eating it. Blame the cattle farmers, they're the ones who did it to men, husbands, and boys. Vegetarians do not have this problem. This is why vegetarian men tested to have higher testosterone than meat eaters and this is why there are so many vegetarian belt holders, like Mac Danzig, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Randy Couture, Urijah Faber, Ricardo Moreira, Eric Castile, Herschel Walker, Jon Fitch, Ben Saunders, Royce Gracie, Antonio McKee, Aaron Simpson, Frank Mir, Dale Hartt, Erik Purcell, Georgi Karakhanyan, James Wilks, Mike Tyson and Shane Carwin, vegans and vegetarians in Martial Arts, the WEC, STRIKEFORCE, BELLATOR, and UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC was invented by a Vegetarian. Rorion Gracie, blackbelt in BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a vegetarian. Yes, the UFC and MMA and Gracie JiuJitsu were all originated by a vegetarian. Meat eaters think meat is more manly but it's actually been doped with estrogen and is more effeminate.


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