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Big Sore Muscles

Posted Oct 05 2010 3:48pm

At least once a week these days, my trainer tells me that my arms are looking bigger.  He means muscular, of course, and I can see the difference he sees, too.  I don’t have to do much to feel either the size and shape of my biceps or triceps — a little flex usually shows me exactly where these guys are.  And they’re definitely different.  I don’t have a horseshoe-shaped tricep yet, though, so more work yet to be done!

This week, our weight schedule was heavier weight (of course) for just 3 sets of 3 reps.  This is only on major muscle groups, so shoulders, legs, chest & back, though we are doing other lifting at heavier weights as well.  I’ve gone way up on biceps, for example, from where I used to be.  I remember when 10# dumbbells were my max for bicep curls; these days, those are my warm-up set.

So this week I am up to 60# for shoulder presses, 205# for Smith squats, and on Thursday, I should be at 55# for bench presses and 80# for lat pulldowns.  Next week, we restart 10 sets for 10 reps again — this time, at a higher starting weight than we did 4 weeks ago.  My guess is that the starting weight will be wherever we did the 7 sets of 7 reps.  That’d mean 40# for shoulders, 165# for legs, 45# for chest and 65# for back.  Or my trainer could decide that I can do more (or, worse, less) than what we predicted.  At any rate, my shoulders are already sore today from yesterday’s heavy presses (and the subsequent side lateral and front raises), and since my legs weren’t sore last week after doing 185#, I am fully expecting them to be achy tomorrow.  No worries, though — Wednesday night bootcamp will torture them that much more!

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