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Big Green Monster Smoothie

Posted Mar 28 2011 6:40pm
     I have been whining to Forrest about being "exhausted, tired, worn out, pooped, weak, having droopy eyelids, 100% beat down, sleepy, etc" for a while now.  Also, I chatted with my bestie in Spain (hey nat!) and she's been having the same feelings.  I have to admit that I've been using.........sugar-free redbulls and coffee to keep me going through my crazy schedule.  Not good and not working so I've decided to take a different approach - more raw veggies / fruits and a multi-vitamin.  After doing some research, it seems veggies lose most of their enzymes and nutritional value when cooked at 106 degrees or higher. Yada yada bla bla - anyway, even though I eat zero fast food and have a decently healthy diet (minus tortilla chips dipped in Fartless Black Bean Salsa and guac, breads, frozen vegetarian meats, an occasional scoop of ice cream, canned soups (sodium central), etc.) I'm going to incorporate a lot more raw veggies / fruits into my daily meals.  I'm gonna give it a go-go for the next two weeks in an effort to not get kicked out of the house for bitching whispering sweet "I'm soooo tireds" in Forrest's ear and to get my energy levels up.
    I'm starting the process righttttttttt.........*gulping the last of my redbull, inhaling a few baked bbq chips, cramming in a chocolate chip cookie* with a green monster drink.  I've read several blogs with various recipes for making this snot-colored smoothie - here is my way........
The Stuffs
1big handful spinach leafers
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 banana - frozen
sprinkle of ground cinnamon
dash of ground flax seed
1 teaspoon water
1 tablespoon all natural peanut butter
     Banana not pictured - still getting its freeze on.
     Pour the liquids, flaxseed meal, and cinnamon into a blender and mix for a few seconds.  Toss in the Popeye leafers and puree for a minute or so (nobody, not even me, wants to accidentally drink an actual spinach leaf).  Finally add the chopped, frozen nanner and continue to blend until smooth.  Pour in a cup and drink up.......
Whoa - that's really green!     Honestly, I was a bit skeered at first so I started with a tiny sip which was soon followed by an entire gulp! It was a bit thick so use a straw or add more almond milk / water.  Give it a whirl - I think you'll be surprisingly delighted and full.  I'm in love and will be replacing my afternoon energizer drink with a Big Green.  Even Salvie likes a green monster but of a different kind.....
    On to the music scene which I have been failing at lately....

Luke Temple "More Than Muscle" from indie outlaw on Vimeo .
     I love this guy for his cool beats, simple song, and awesome dance moves - this video just rocked my world.
     Forrest is home early - love it!  Salvie is being a wild ass beast hyper little booger so we are taking him on a walk in hopes that he'll pass out when we get home.
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