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Best source for Potassium?

Posted by susan m.

I'm not getting enough potassium and getting leg cramps - I'm on a high protein diet that's gluten and dairy free. Anyone know the best foods with high potassium?

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All fruits and vegetables are gluten- and dairy-free. And most of them are good sources of potassium. If you get at least 9 servings a day, it's likely that you'll get all the potassium that you need.

Banana's are high in potassium...hope that helps if you didn't know already!



this is not quite true since the sugars in fruits counteract their potassium as it is used to balance with the acidic breakdown of those sugars ;)   the best source for me and medically is potassium bicarbonate diluted at least 1 small teaspoon per liter of carbon filtered water. - Joe Hatoum
Coconut water is very rich source of potassium. Green vegetables are also reasonably good source. I do not advocate bananas as they are highly mucus forming fruits and I never have them myself.
The ABSOLUTE BEST source are potato chips - a 1oz serving has 400-500 mgs of potassium and are available gluten-free
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