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Beach Recap and Green Goop

Posted Nov 22 2010 12:00am
    Back from the beach.....and back to reality.  It was a blast....great friends, live music, sunny skies, dancing and Tootsie's.  We drove down Friday night and Forrest, Dave and Sister decided to eat greasy gas station pizza and I went for a bag of salsa fresco RiceWork chips.  After a long first night, Sister also decided to demolish an all-star breakfast at Waffle House....I won't post that picture ;)  Saturday morning was a pot of much needed caffeine, donuts, fruit, and muffins.  We stayed at the beach all day playing football and frisbee and forgot about lunch.  Dinner was Forrest's favorite....more pizza!  We also had a late night snack at the Hofbrau Beer Garden at Pier Park....the food at this German bar was unusually massive but we welcomed it with open mouths.  Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday and we hit up Margaritaville before driving back to Dothan.  Good times were had by all.
    I've been having serious withdrawals from guacamole.  Years and years ago, I hated guac.....actually I wouldn't even try it because I thought it looked like a baby's.....I'll spare you that information.  Eventually I came around, tried it, and now I love it the most.   Many of the Mexican restaurants have really smooth, almost fake-like guacamole (like they squeezed it out of a toothpaste tube) and I prefer mine fresh, chunky, and spicy!  Here was our guacamole, hummus, and grilled veggie dinner.....

    It's perfection in a bowl and here is my secret....Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt (Forrest is going to gag when he reads I said before, he's a yogurt hater).  My favorite place to go for chunky guac is Rojo's in Birmingham or La Parilla in Dothan...both places have dank guacamole and they both use a scoop of sour cream when they make their delicious green goop.  I'm not a huge fan of sour cream (plus it's fatty) so this plain greek yogurt is tart and does the trick.  Back to the task at hand, smash one avocado in a bowl and mix in one tablespoon of plain greek yogurt.  Dice a roma tomato, one fresh jalapeño, some purple onion, green bell pepper, and lots of cilantro.  Combine all that goodness and sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder,  taco seasoning, and hot pepper flakes....obviously if you don't like the tongue-burn you can omit the jalapeño/hot pepper flakes.  Drench the guacamole with lime juice (not only for taste but the acidity helps keep the guacamole going from green to brownish).  Next, I cut up a zucchini and squash....brushed with olive oil and Forrest grilled them's my healthy alternative to destroying a bag of tortilla chips with the guacamole.  The hummus was a leftover's original hummus from Publix and I jazzed it up with extra olive oil, parsley, and paprika.  This was such a tasty and easy dinner....and now it's couch time.  P.S. Forrest is taking a break from the brews tonight....but don't worry, he'll be back on the wagon tomorrow night ;)
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