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Barbecue Seitan Recipe Variations

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am

The following is a guest post submitted by Mo from Destination Sf. Do visit the blog, after you read her fabulous Seitan recipes post.

I’ll admit it, I am a seitan fiend. So when I recently stumbled upon a recipe for Barbecued Seitan Ribs on the Fatfree Vegan website, I was in heaven. The recipe is superb as is, but it’s also fantastic prepared with a few variations. Some minor improvisations below.

Seitan (flesh-free) Pulled Pork Sandwich

For a flesh-free Pulled Pork Sandwich, prepare the Seitan as described in the recipe, but before slathering on the barbecue sauce, slice the seitan into toothpick-sized strips. Then add the sauce, stirring well to coat. Spread the mixture out in the same pan used for baking the seitan, and pop it back into the oven for about twenty minutes. Served on a kaiser roll or other tasty bread, this Seitan sandwich really cures my craving for barbecue.

Stir Fry Seitan Recipe

Another option is to again bake the Seitan as described, then cut it into roughly 1/2 inch-thick by 2-inch long strips and use it in stir fry recipes. For example, if you marinate the seitan strips in a soy sauce marinade and stir fry with broccoli and peppers…viola! Unbeef and Broccoli. Serve over brown rice, and you’ve got a quick, tasty dinner. A quick search on, say, VegWeb yields dozens of tasty marinade and sauce recipes that will work great with this seitan.

SeitanStand Alone Recipe (Good For Seitan Melts)

If, however, you’re looking for an excellent stand alone seitan recipe, one that can be sliced and eaten as is, piled high on sandwiches (with melted cheese on top, of course), or served as a very tasty alternative to breakfast sausage? You can’t go wrong with the “Seitan and the Great Becoming” recipe. If you’ve never made Seitan at home before, this is an excellent place to start, as you essentially dump everything into a bowl and mix it together.

Happy cooking!

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