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Balance Bar Review: Bar None

Posted Feb 27 2012 6:00am
Bar none - get it? As in, my complete, unadulterated opinion? Oh, puns. HAHAHA.

It's a good thing that I'm not going into a career in comedy. :P

But I've never tried Balance bars before, even though I love bars and Balance is a pretty big player in the bar world. 

Anyway, when they came out with the new Nimble bar, I knew I had to try it!

Stevia is really big in the blogosphere (who do I think I am telling this? Half of y'all are addicts!) but it's pretty hard to find food products that use it as the sweetener . I hope to see this change (as I'm sure many of you do, too) but so far, you can pretty much only get stevia-sweetened gum and soda. For the other stuff, your options are good old sugar  or something that started its life as the same stuff you clean your pool. 


Anyway, Nimble bars are the first (as far as I know) in their field to use stevia to achieve that candy bar-sweet taste with just 4g of sugar (compare that to the 20+ grams found in other bars) that won't leave you doing the sugar high-low-crash-BOOM rollercoaster-gone-awry thing. I'm not into rollercoasters (not even the ones at amusement parks). 

For 120 calories, you get 10g of protein, a heck-bunch of antioxidants, Balance's famous 40-30-30 macronutrient composition (carbs-protein-fat), and FloraGlo Lutein/Beta Carotene for better skin. Yup, it's a bar that makes you prettier. A beauty bar?!

Anyway, it's delicious. There are two flavors right now, yogurt orange swirl and peanut butter. I'm usually not into fruity bars (if I want fruit, I have fruit - I want a bar, I usually want candy/chocolate/creamilicious peanut butter) but the yogurt swirl bar is quite good. It's refreshing with strong orange flavor and the creaminess of yogurt - kind of like an orange dreamsicle without the mess!

And peanut butter? Oh, peanut butter. It tastes like peanut butter! And is chewy, rich, sweet, and delicious. You can't go wrong with either of these as snacks/desserts.

Since I was on the whole low-sugar, healthy, yummy Balance bar kick, I tried their Carbwell bars, too. These are much bigger bars and you could definitely pair one with a yogurt and a banana or some almonds for a mini-meal. For low-carbers (I know some bodybuilders/intense lifters go through carb cycles), they only have 2g net carbs and only 1g of sugar. If only these were made with stevia, too...

Except it's probably good that they aren't. Otherwise I'd have absolutely no reason not to eat them all the time.

Don't you love it when your candy bar can't even contain its yummy, sticky awesomeness?

There's Caramel 'n Chocolate, which has the flavor of a Milkyway, but is way more filling and has better last/you feel better when you eat it.

Then there's Chocolate Peanut Butter, which is also just amazing. No chalkiness here! And hello! All that filling? It's like the best part of a caramel delight (only chocolate peanut buttery, instead of caramelly). 

Also, who came up with the chocolate peanut butter combo? Can we award her a Nobel Prize, or something (you know it was a woman - and probably at that time of the month). 

Have you tried Balance bars?

What's your favorite kind of bar - chocolaty and sinful or fruity and refreshing?

Have you supported your local girl scouts yet? It's that time of year! And yes, that's obviously why we go gaga for the cookies. Doing good and all that. ;)

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