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Bad Tofu, Bad Bad Tofu…

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

Ewww…My tofu must have gone bad between the past few days because boy oh boy did it make me sicker than a dog this afternoon.  Boooo on my tofu!  But, I do have a product review for all of you from Brad!  Make sure to check it out in this post!

Anyhow…recap starting with Saturday morning!  I woke up feeling pretty under the weather.  When I get stressed out my immune system takes a serious dive and I get sick very easily.  After the past few days I wasn’t surprised that I woke up feeling pretty groggy, coughing and sick…but given time it most likely goes away. 

I helped out Jean for a while getting stuff done for work and finally settled on something for breakfast.  I made it simple as I had no appetite: toasted piece of blueberry bread w/ pb and a very ripe banana.  I couldn’t really taste much of it, but it held in the tummy so that’s all that I needed.

blog 001

Lunch was pretty late and also simple on the belly: flat out wrap with 1 egg and some egg whites w/ 1/4 avocado, tomato and a mango on the side.  I really liked the flavor the avocado provided since it was so ripe.  I knew it wasn’t going to last much longer so I actually gave the rest to Brad to eat.  He liked it too of course!

blog 002

Later in the afternoon I got the munchies and had a few handfuls of cashews from the bag.  Gotta love WF for their dry roasted cashews!

I don’t have a picture of dinner because I was a bad food blogger and forgot my camera!  Ack!  But, it wasn’t that great anyways, I promise.  At the last minute Brad and I decided to go on a date and headed out to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We had intended on going there to hit up an Irish Pub that we read about, but I was famished and we couldn’t find a map, so we ended up at the House of Blues Restaurant.  I know that I’m still on my week of Clean Eating, but I knew that was going to be difficult that night, especially there.  I did the best I could, especially with the little vegetarian fair they had, and ended up ordering a Margherita Pizza.  I think I have a set idea of what they are supposed to look like (thin crust, strings of fresh basil and slices of fresh mozzarellla, had it at Bucca di Beppo a while back) and this was not at all it.  I was very disappointed as it was totally covered in a hideous layer of super greasy mozarella and there were just roma tomato slices on the top.  And there was no basil to be found, except for the leaf they placed on top of the middle of the pizza.  Wtf?  The “basil” in the pizza was actually a form of pesto that was tasty, but not what I was looking for from this pizza.  So boo on my pizza unfortunately… I did eat 4 of the  pieces, except that I took off all the cheese and ate the bread and tomatoes.

Sunday started off very late as I slept in pretty late and ended up lying there for a while…when I noticed that um, it’s lunch time lady, you need to eat something!  Opps to missing breakfast!  I was hangry at that point so I made a quick wrap with my “bad tofu”, spinach, tomato with a side of two big carrots and an orange.

blog 012

Then my stomach exploded. Haha…j/k, it didn’t, but it got very upset.  I went with Brad into town to get his oil changed, which meant wandering around Walmart for an extended period of time waiting for it to be done.

When we got home I needed to go for a run as I felt so lazy this weekend so I went for a quick 3.5 miler …unfortunately my quad hurt so I’m out of commission again.  Boo!  Time to ice ice ice!

And of course, the run made my tummy even more upset so I settled for a simple dinner of an apple, and cinnamon/banana/pb open faced sandwich!  And of course, my wonderful apple ginger tea. :D

blog 013

But of course, the best part of this post: Guest Product ReviewJenn sent me a these cookies a bit back and Brad decided he wanted to consume them on his own, as this week with Clean Eating I can’t have them…so he’s going to give the review for you!


Soooo, I usually don’t indulge on sweets like this.  But since Melissa was sticking to her Clean Eating, I guess I had to take one for the team ;) 

blog 011

I had half of the Peanut Butter Persuasion cookie and half of the Snicker Doodle Cookie variety topped off with some lactose-free vanilla dreyers ice cream.  Im a huge PB fan, and the PB cookie hit the spot.  It was moist, sweet, and loaded with peanuts.  I microwaved it after a while, and it still came out moist and perfect.  Great match with the ice cream!

blog 010

Unfortunately, the snicker doodle cookie ended up being a little disappointing.  I’m a big fan of these usually, but I’d have to say this didn’t offer a whole lot as far as flavor.  It was fairly dry, as well.  It had a nice spice given to it from the cinnamon flavoring, but that was mostly all it had to offer.  I think I speak for a lot of people out there when I say when we eat 400 calories that fast, we better get our money’s worth.

blog 007

That being said, I did consume everything on my plate and wasn't exactly complaining afterwards.  The next day I finished off the other halves and topped them with ice cream blended with Snickers and Reese’s PB Cups.  I know, I know… a tad indulgent, but we couldn’t let these cookies go to waste. 

All in all a nice dessert.  I would totally steer anybody in the direction of the PB.  You could probably live without the snicker doodle, however.  Thanks again to Jenn for hooking us up.  We have two more kinds to try still.  Hopefully Mel sticks to this clean eating thing :)

Night all!


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