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Bacon, Beer, and a Block

Posted Oct 04 2011 9:18pm
     I've been walking Salvador every afternoon as soon as I get home from work - like a real walk, not just to the mailbox and back.  It's a bit annoying because honestly, I would rather collapse on the couch until Forrest gets home to help me entertain him.  I'm trying to look on the bright side of our daily stroll 1)  the obvious, Salvie has less energy when we arrive back home
2)  I'm walking 1.25 miles every day
3)  my right arm is getting buff from constantly jerking on his harness
4)  he loves it the most
So, I guess it's worth it.  In other news, my sweet mom-in-law bought us a cute Halloween kitchen towel...
    Thanks Momma J!
     I haven't felt like my self this week.  I've heard of writer's block (which I don't have) but is there something called food block?!  Nothing sounds good at all, my second home (Publix) seems like a drag to stop by after work, and I'm not feeling very creative in the kitchen - who am I?!?  Regardless, I managed to put dinner on the table to night.  Forrest started off with an appetizer of bacon and beer....
Now that's a picture of health.  Multi-tasking.      I broiled a tortilla shell in the oven until semi-crispy, smeared with basil-pesto sauce, marinara, pizza seasoning, and veggies (red bell pepper, yellow onion, green bell pepper, and shredded carrots), sprinkled with cheese, and we waited by the oven....  "I smell what you be cookin'. Woofie!" This was a semi-healthy dinner until this happened....  bacon strips.  Forrest was in hog heaven...literally.     Since I'm appetite-challenged at the moment, I went for a piece of fruit, plain waffle, and a side of US Weekly.... Again, who am I?!    One thing as remained the same, Salvie is still barking and sniffing for a crumb during dinner... "I think I found something over here! Woofie!"

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