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Art of my Work

Posted Jul 21 2010 8:41pm

Not only do I have to mater the art of driving over some insane terrain and worry about rolling down cliffs…


but I also get to admire the natural…and other arts throughout the desert.


Bahahahaha…I def liked looking at this more though:


How could you not?  Sorry to brag; I know there are pretty places than this though :)

Anyhow, I started today full of colors and seeds…seeds?  My PB was TJ’s PB and Flaxseeds and the Uncle Sam’s Cereal is also chock full of whole flaxseeds…you should have seen all the seeds at the bottom of the bowl!


Add in a peach and fresh berries and you’ve got an awesome breakfast.

I went off to a security training for the morning and got invited to something tomorrow that I’ll let you all in about afterwards…it’s gonna be a great Side Note!

I had to do some surveys and immediately snacked on a blueberry and chocolate chip oatmeal bar and an apple.  I was ready to eat my arm at that point!  It had been over 4 hrs since breakfast!  Yikes!


And then I headed off to Nowhere Ranch.  Ok, I just came across it, and found it hilarious.  It is definitely out in the middle of NOWHERE though!  Thank youuuuuuu desert!


Arriving at another point took forever and I couldn’t help but being famished after workout out my abs driving that huge car over all that rough terrain!  I get tossed around so much! Yikes!

I had a laughing cow/hummus/veggies wrap for lunch with some grapes and a Lemonade Vitamin Water Zero.  Is this stuff even any better than drinking Gatorade/Powerade, even with the natural sugars (however natural they can be…)?


Filled to the max…even with Portobello Mushroom pieces!


I snacked on a piece of Zucchini Banana Bread mid afternoon and headed off to my counseling appointment.  We’ve been working on ID’ing ANTS and saying out loud that they’re occurring.  Very interesting to say the least for me!

I could have eaten my arm by the time I got home and whipped together the fastest salad on the planet:


I’m sure you can see everything that’s in there…nothing to rave about, unless you’re talking about the PB Pretzel Nuggets I ate afterwards…with some Honey O’s and dried fruittimes two.  (or more…oops).  It was that kind of night.  I just need to go to sleep…

Besides, I’m in some hop’n pain today in the foot department:


Icing down the foot that got attacked by red ants yesterday and is now two times its size.  Just awesome.


Sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be better than the last few cause they have been horrible…Oiy.

Exciting stuff tomorrow I can’t wait to share with you!  Think Wild Things and Swanky Clubs… ;)

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