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Are You From Puerto Rico And Vegetarian?

Posted Mar 10 2009 3:37pm

If you’re from Puerto Rico and a vegetarian or vegan, chime in as i want to get a resource page going on the various Caribbean foods available.


I was born in Chicago, IL but both my parents are from Puerto Rico. One thing i remember about my mom’s cooking is rice, beans, and a host of yummy root vegetables from PR.

Which root vegetables?

Yuca a/k/a Cassava, then there are green plantains, batata, yautia, llame and a host of others. All yummy healthy and 100% vegetarian.

I want to get a resource page going on the different vegetables and fruits from Puerto Rico, complete with nutrition details. I have to admit i will have to do research on this, as i have lost touch with my roots and don’t know. Yes, I deserve a wet noodle beating for this disregard.

Call For Your Puerto Rican Food Stories or Tips

Please chime in and contribute your ideas, tips, and ingredient list of foods and recipes native to the Isla.

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