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Aamras (Creamy Puréed Mangoes) – Just The Thing For An Indian Summer!

Posted Apr 27 2013 12:00am

ummer’s here once again, and it’s hot but time for mangoes. I don’t think there’s an Indian (not the American kind) who is passionate about mangoes. I am yet to meet one who does not like this fruit. On the other hand, almost every Indian you meet is most likely to wax lyrical about mangoes, and possibly discuss at great length which variety is the better one, with everyone having their own personal favourites.
Now the best way to eat mangoes, in my opinion, is as fresh fruit. If you have bitten into a mango and sucked out the flesh, with the juice dribbling down your chin, then you know exactly what I mean. Of course, you can always be a little less messy and cut them into pieces, eating the mango out of a bowl, but it’s not as much fun!

The next best way, especially if you want a slightly more sophisticated version of fresh mango is to have it as Aamras. Aamras literally translates as “the essence of mango” and that’s just what this is. Aamras is a preparation that is typical of the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan where it is popular during celebrations and festivities. It is typically serve with Puri/ Poori (adeep-fried Indian flatbread) but Aamras also makes a very light and satisfying dessert in summer.


Making Aamras doesn’t need a recipe really, because there’s nothing much to making it. The recipe below is just a guideline of sorts. All one needs to do is to purée mangoes, add enough jaggery/ sugar to taste and add the flavouring of choice usually cardamom.
Milk does make a difference but one needs to add just enough to make sure the Aamras stays thick enough to be eaten with a spoon and not drunk out of a glass!
Oh, and do try to get your hands on sweet pulpy mangoes that aren't fibrous, because the last thing you want is to have bits of fibre spoiling the smooth experience of a perfectly chilled Aamras!
Aamras (Creamy Puréed Mangoes)
Ingredients: 8 to 10 mangoes 1/2 cup powdered jaggery or sugar (more or less as required) 1 cup chilled milk 4 to 5 pods cardamom, powdered   Method: Peel the mangoes and cut them into chunks. Put the mango chunks and the other ingredients in your mixer/ blender and run until you have a smooth purée. Divide equally among four or six dessert bowls or short glasses and serve cold. This recipe serves 4 to 6.  

And just in case, you don’t have mangoes in your part of the world, here’s another traditional Indian drink called Thandai , usually made for Holi celebrations. It’s an absolutely delicious spiced milk drink made with almonds, that’s great to beat the summer heat.

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