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A Weekend in Oregon

Posted Feb 19 2013 2:48pm

A quiet weekend in the woods followed by cupcakes in the city, is just what one needs to feel rested and rejuvenated  A woods filled to the brim with giant lush fern, trees as high as the eye can see. Moist and dewy, slugs and snails line the forest floor. A rushing river heard through the thin cracks in the window, pounding against the rocks, the soothing sounds of the Pacific Northwest. After a long day on the slopes, turning and carving, we rest out tired feet in a dreamy tub, with a view of the mountains. Stars are bright, twinkling and shining. It is difficult to muster the energy to step out of the tub after 2 hours or so, into the cold, but alas, a warm fire waits.  After a few days in the woods, a trip to the city is in order, a convenient detour back to Seattle. A day spent wandering the city, admiring the artist nature of such a place. Brightly colored houses, streets painted bright as can be. Tiny ponies aligning the street corners, hitched to small brass rings, embedded before the days of automobiles. Oh Portland, how I love you so. You take coffee so seriously, which I can appreciate. You are a vegetarian friendly city, your people are warm and caring, thoughtful. Your streets are almost as complicated as Seattle, but in a small way, I can appreciate that as well. Until we meet again. 

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