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A (week) day in the life of me....

Posted Sep 29 2011 7:04pm
4:15am - 5:15am - I peel my pillow-creased face out of bed. (the time depends on Salvador's bladder)

5:30am - shower, tame my hair as best as possible, get dressed, take Salvie for a walk around the hood, and drink coffee
7:54am - put Salvador in his cage and head to work

7:58am - arrive at work.  I'm always early when it's just me involved.  When Forrest and I are together, we are always late. (do you see the problem?  it's in bold letters)

1:03pm - leave work for lunch.

1:07pm - get Salvador out of his cage and take him for a run around the yard.
1:15pm - sip on my old, cold coffee while we ponder lunch
1:20pm - warm up leftover kale soup, sit down at the table, and prepare to be annoyed.
2:00pm - arrive back at work - see, I'm always early

5:00pm - leave work and head home.

5:04pm - arrive home and take Salvie for a real walk around the neighborhood

5:45pm - finish up my old, cold coffee
 Is this gross?6:00pm - 7:00pm - Forrest gets home, with presents (for himself), and Salvie goes buck wild
7:04pm - Forrest unloads his presents into the fridge and tells me about each one.  I pretend to be listening
7:06pm - I add fresh kale to the leftover soup and call it dinner.
     The rest of my night is usually filled with taking Salvador outside to potty, blogging, running, watching ridiculous reality television shows, wiping down the kitchen counter tops (because I can't function the next morning if I wake up to a mess), and forcing Salvador to go potty again in hopes his bladder lets me sleep until 5:15am.
      We have plans to hang out on the Cosby's back porch and watch whatever football is on...and I'm dying to see Bill Cosby's new hair cut.  Here is how it happened via text me:  hi sister
sister:  come over tonight
me:  ok
I love a simple conversation.
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