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A Giveaway *I* Want to Win!

Posted Dec 08 2012 6:00am
This next giveaway in the 25 Days of Giveaways is one that I'd certainly be happy to win myself!

Don't worry, I'm not eligible and this giveaway  (like my other giveaways ) is just for you guys :P

The super generous folks over at Vitalicious are going to send one of you lucky readers a Vitalicious SUPER SAMPLER box!!

That's several of their yummy VitaCakes, a box of their ridiculously delicious VitaBrownies, and 2 of each flavor of their amaaaazing VitaTops! Here's one of everything that you'll get

And a box of these awesome-socks brownies

It's fair to say that I am obsessed with VitaLicious treats. They are my chocolate-ier SunCakes , if we want to talk level of addiction.

Yes, I just went there.

Deep Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream and toppings
I can't believe they're so healthy! These rich, soft, sweet, decadent treats are whole grain, properly portioned, and a whole lot of sweet treat for only about 100 calories (for those of you who care). They're also low in sodium, high in fiber (whoot-whoot for those whole grains!), and even pack a nice protein punch!

Plus, they are chockful of vitamins.

Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip with Coffee Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Sauce
This or a vitamin pill?

Chocolate Mint, all by its scrumptious self
Ooh, that's a toughie :P

One thing is for sure - you'll never forget to take your vitamins again, if you're taking them Vitalicious style!

Triple Chocolate Chunk
And because they just had to be that much more awesome and accessible, VitaTops just became diabetic-friendly! All of them are whole grain, which keeps them from playing havoc with your blood sugar, but they also just put out two sugar free VitaTops in Banana Nut and Velvety Chocolate flavor!

They are not a bit smaller or less appealing than the regular VitaTops - check out all the walnut pieces studding the Banana Nut VitaTop!

There are a ton of them and they're really fresh and flavorful - they add a lot to the muffin top.

This sugar-free muffin top isn't quite as moist or flavorful as it not-sugar-free counterparts, but it's still tasty. If you add a nice layer of peanut butter (that's how I like eating my banana bread and banana bread muffins!) you can't tell the difference.

It's a little drier than its not-sugar-free counterparts, but still fudgy and delicious.

Though the muffin part itself is a wee bit dry and not quite as chocolatey as it looks, the chocolate chips are as good as ever and are not just on top of the muffin, but also inside - that certainly adds a nice element of moistness!

But if you need to cut back on sugar for some reason, these will definitely do the trick in satisfying that sweet tooth craving! Especially when paired with ice cream (chocolate and vanilla, below) and salted nuts. A handful of granola, some cranberries, and a drippy tablespoon of almond butter ended up joining the party post-picture.

The sundae is prettier as photographed above than with all the additional toppings, but it's sure yummy with all the extras!

They also go great in random snack bowls.

Vitalicious treats fit into pretty much any healthy diet and they're not a treat that'll ever make you feel weighed down or sluggish. It's decadence that isn't nearly as nutritionally 'decadent' as it tastes!

Oh, and did I mention that none of their treats contain any preservatives?

Double score.

You have until December 22 to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a SuperSampler Box from Vitalicious (aka an AWESOME Christmas present to give yourself - or for a friend, if you're that nice. I'm not)!
Don't forget to make sure you've entered all the other giveaways in the 25 Days of Giveaways so far!
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