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3-day what?

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

I found out late last night that I have a three day weekend!  whooohooo!!!  But what am I going to do w/ my time!  My Orlando Girls (ie Caitlin and Meghann ) are both out of town this weekend!  Boohiss!  Why does my schedule never work out more often w/ theirs?!  Oh well…I do plan on heading up to the city today to get some serious shopping done, both for food and more “normal people” clothing…when you work out in the field…we have no real, public, normal people clothing.  How sad is that?

But here is a recap of yesterday…nothing too exciting.  We were out on the lake for 8 hrs watching a lady bird do nothing, then chasing down birds to see where they get their snails at.  At least I had fun reading the May edition of Cosmo w/ Emily…I buy this mag maybe once or twice a year just to see if I’m missing anything…and I’m not. hahah!

blog 016  

How pretty are they…on their signs that say “Endangered kite nests here: STAY BACK!”

Breakfast was scrumdiddly-umptious with a mixture of kashi go lean, cinnamon, plain oikos and strawberries!

blog 014  

Snack time: two big carrots and grapes!

blog 018

Lunch: 1T pb on an arnold’s thin and apppppppllllllllle ………

blog 019

Snackface action: cereal mixture (1/2C each h2h and cinnamon puffins, last 2T vegan chocolate chips)

blog 020


blog 021

Fun times on the boat:

blog 022blog 023

5 mile run! PAIN FREE!!!!!

Dindin: brown rice, 1/3 bell pepper, spinach and a boca chicken burger

blog 025

I had a snack while watching Role Models (stupid movie) of TLC crackers and some of my lovely PB Loco pb …which is almost gone.  Must get more, or different flavors!

Now I’m up early on my day off and ready to head out! 

Great start to the morning: Kashi go lean crunch, plain Oikos, strawberries, 1T pb and cinnamon

blog 027

And look who visited outside while I was eating… pretty does!

blog 030

And of course I love MeMe’s …so I have to jump on the bandwagon w/ this one!

  1. I didn’t see my first full episode of the Simpson’s until I was 17, a senior in high school, and in my government class.
  2. I hate the color gold. I can't stand the color for anything.
  3. My middle name is Nicole...but it should have been Japanese and after my grandmother, Emiko...therefore
  4. My first daughter's name will be Emiko...I don't care what my husband thinks.
  5. I live on a prairie in the middle of no where…doing the job I absolutely love!
  6. I've run a 1/2 marathon during a whole marathon...I was a cheater when I crossed the finish because I had only run the 2nd half...but I was injured; what can I say?
  7. My hair had blue strips at one time..then they were red or purple or green or aqua or pink or blond.
  8. I always the one to say I'm sorry.
  9. I hate wearing makeup...all I own is some eye shadow and lip gloss...and I don't even know how to put it on.
  10. I’m obsessed w/ bikinis.  I think I own a total of 15.
  11. I was born with brown eyes, now they're green, hazel and brown, with a blue spot in the left one.
  12. I’ve lived w/o water and electricity for 9 days in the middle of the Aussie Rainforest.  It rocked my socks.
  13. I’m a sissy in cold weather, below 60 is freezing for me.
  14. I played the piano for 9 years
  15. And the flute and piccolo for 2.
  16. I’ve been a vegetarian since I got out of high school almost 7 years ago (omg am I that old?!)
  17. I’ve known my best friend for almost 20 years…and funny thing is, she looks more like my dad than I do.
  18. I have twin brothers, they look like me, not me like them. :)
  19. I’m 5’5.5”…but I say 5’6”
  20. My feet have shrunk 2 sizes in the past 10 years.
  21. I have chocolate, every single day.
  22. I am renowned for making cheesecakes…but HATE how they taste.
  23. I want to  move to Australia.
  24. and New Zealand
  25. I’ve been a runner since I was in 7th grade…maybe 4th…before?  But my legs have always been moving.

Happy Friday!

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