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2nd Puberty

Posted Feb 25 2011 12:58am

Hey all…wow what a day.  I was excited to get out in the field because it was HIKING time but man was it cold and windy!  And those hills kicked my booty!  I don’t have any pictures from the hike, but I’ll certainly have some later!  It’s too pretty not to take photos of!

Anyhow, I started the day off with a cereal mess, as I’m trying to use up my cereals so I can make my own granola!  Yay!  I’m searching for a good PB or Cinnamon Granola to try…suggestions?  Anyhow, I combined some heart to heart, go lean crunch, pb, an apple and blueberries.  Was great to hold me over.

pics 004

Until I felt no where near satisfied (danged cereal) so I snacked on one of my banana chocolate chip walnut muffins.  So tasty.

pics 016

Then I headed out to the field to get a survey done and then start hiking! It didn’t seem like that much while we were out there, but when I got home and looked at my tracks we hiked up and over mountains for a total of 6 miles!  Of course I figured that out after I went for a 4 mile run at the new gym. Yeesh.

Anyhow, we were gone for so long and through lunch that I didn’t even realize what time it was before I had lunch at almost 3pm!  I can’t believe I lasted that long, but I think the cold totally took away my appetite. I just had a pb and j banana wrap like yesterday, so nothing exciting.

I got home, raced over to the new gym I signed up for (which I’m sorely disappointed over, even though it has group classes, I hate that I have no tv…really?! Come on now!) and then got home to shower and ready for dinner with Whit!

I raved about those TJ’s Meatless Meatballs and Whit was all over trying them for dinner. I was going to have them for a third night in a row, but remembered I had some chickpeas that needed to be used asap, so I mixed them with some marinara in a Honey Whole Wheat TJ’s Hot Dog Bun and topped with green onions.  Great dinner!  I reminded me of sloppy joes!  Woohoo!  I made Whit’s two subs with sharp cheddar cheese, 4 balls in each, salsa and green onions.  He loved it!

pics 007

I then realized how hungry I truly was after all that activity today and ate another Banana Walnut Muffin.  Too good to pass up…along with a handful of dark chocolate covered cranberries.  Tasty!

[[ Side Notes : Second Puberty?

Ok, crazy concept right?  Seriously, I think someone needs to do a study on this!  Let me explain.

The past year, since I turned 25 and just before, has provided my body with lots of…change.  And not the kind I like, AT ALL.  My favorite jeans no longer fit.  My shirts are getting tight.  I am uncomfortable in everything and disappointed to the max.  I have been telling myself that I’m not exercising enough, eating too much, along with so many other things wrong, but in reality, I don’t necessarily think I am.

I have talked with several friends about this and have come to a conclusion: Women go through a second puberty in their mid to late twenties.  I’ve concluded that our bodies are getting ready to have babies, or that’s what I’m telling myself…instead that I’ve done something wrong.

The concept has been one I had no realized until I saw that well, no wonder none of my clothes fit because I’ve been shopping at the wrong places for this body type.  With my body changing the way it is, I need to fit it properly with clothes that are well, not made to fit teenage girls.

So goodbye American Eagle. Goodbye Hollister.  Goodbye Aeropostale.   And goodbye Abercrombie.  It’s time to move towards places like Banana Republic, the Gap, The Loft, and others that I have yet to find and seek out…(suggestions?)

I was so discouraged last week.  I went to the mall last weekend and must have tried on at least 20 pairs of pants to have absolutely none of them fit.  All sizes I had never tried before.  Maybe this weekend though, with my changing body and store choices, I’ll be able to find something that fits my newly developing body.

Hard to accept.  Hard to anticipate.  Hard to acknowledge

Are you in your 20’s or 30’s?  Do you think this “2nd puberty” is the case?  Or am I just tripping out and making up excuses? ]]

PS. Did you see my feature on Thick Dumpling Skin !? Check out the next blog Lynn started with Lisa !

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