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1 Sausage per day May Cause Cancer

Posted by Shez B.

According to new scientific studies, one sausage a day may raise the risk of bowel cancer by a fifth. Apparently, it only takes 1.8oz (50g) of processed meat daily to significantly increase our risk of this lethal form of cancer.

Prof Martin Wiseman, the medical and scientific adviser for the World Cancer Research Fund, said there was convincing evidence of a link between processed meats and cancer.

Processed meat is preserved by smoking, curing, salting or the adding of preservatives.

In addition to the intestine covered sausage, processed meats include ham, bacon, pastrami, salami, and hot dogs.

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Wow--I don't know anything about this, but I would assume that one sausage a day would increase your health risks (not to mention your waist line) in general for just about any illness or disorder out there. I wonder if there are healthy alternatives to the good ol' sausage (non-processed versions that can be just as fulfilling)?
I've definitely decreased my intake of these types of food, but I do enjoy salami (the sliced sort at the deli). What do you think about occasional intake of these foods? Would there still be an large increased risk?

What about deli turkey - did it mention that?

I heard chicken can cause problems with a womanes hormones because of what the inject into, the Chickens.
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